Dr. Oscar Dantzler expresses concern over Trump mail-in ballots reaching destinations and being counted, citing his own package to sue Gov. Edwards being held at USPS since August 26.

Dr. Oscar Dantzler vents his frustrations with the U. S. Post Office and openly expresses concerns that mail-in ballots for President Trump will not be delivered, processed, and counted.

Sound Off Louisiana subscribers will recall our September 20, 2020 feature in which Dr. Oscar Dantzler, a Democratic opponent of incumbent Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards in 2019, sued Gov. Edwards and the Tangipahoa Parish School Board for what Dantzler asserts is an organized conspiracy to deny him a promotion which became open at the School Board.

In that feature, we briefly referenced the frustration that Dantzler was having with the United States Post Office.  Sound Off Louisiana‘s founder, Robert Burns, accompanied Dantzler on Saturday, September 20, 2020 to the Downtown Baton Rouge post office and witnessed Dantzler and the manager of that postal office go toe to toe entailing Dantzler’s frustration that his package to serve Gov. Edwards with his lawsuit had been sitting at the processing plant on Bluebonnet since August 26, 2020.  At that time, 25 days had lapsed with the package just sitting in the processing plant.

The manager of the post office did not in any way deny that the package was just waiting to eventually be processed.  She indicted that the post office was “swamped” with mail that was just stacking up sky high as a result of Hurricane Laura.  When Dantzler emphasized that he had placed the package in the mail well before Laura, the manager stated that was irrelevant and that it could me “months” before he could ever expect any action on his package.  Burns witnessed her say that to him!

Dantzler stated then that he had no confidence that any mail-in ballots for President Trump would ever make their destinations and be counted, and his concerns were amplified even more on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, when Dantzler expressed even more frustration that the same package to serve Governor Edwards continues to sit idle at the Bluebonnet processing center, with it now having sat there for 56 days (as of the 10/25/20 publication of this feature).

Obviously, the manager of the Downtown Baton Rouge post office meant what she said when she bluntly told Dantzler that it could be “months” before his package may ever get processed.

Dantzler is emphatic that the stalling is intentional because postal officials know what’s in his package as he’s made no secret of it, and he contends that Gov. Edwards’ office has instructed postal officials not to deliver the lawsuit to them.  Let’s take a look at Dantzler venting his frustration and openly questioning how President Trump has any hope that mail-in ballots from neighborhoods known to be dominated by Republicans have any hope of actually making it to their destinations to be tallied for Trump’s final vote tally:

Dantzler openly expresses his concerns that Trump mail-in ballots will be delivered, processed, and counted in Trump’s tally of votes.
CLICK HERE to see the USPS’s real-time tracking of Dantzler’s package to perfect service upon Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Dantzler also felt that there is plenty else going against him regarding his litigation.  Let’s take a look at what all he had to say:

Dantzler vents frustrations at recent rulings in his Washington DC litigation against Edwards and the Tangipahoa Parish School Board.  CLICK HERE for the full package of court documentation which Dantzler supplied for this feature.

As outlined in the preceding video, Dantzler was not pleased that his case was transferred to Judge McFadden from Judge Lamberth.  Dantzler stated that rulings had been favorable to him under Lamberth, and so he opposed the transfer to McFadden’s courtroom.  Upon our return from filming the feature above, Dantzler texted us asking us to include the following screen shots about the two judges as part of our feature, so we’re concluding this feature by doing as he requested:



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