Dr. Oscar Dantzler files Federal suit alleging he was denied promotion at Tangipahoa Parish School System as a result of his candidacy against incumbent Gov. John Bel Edwards.


Dr. Oscar Dantzler, who was a Democratic opponent of incumbent Gov. John Bel Edwards in the 2019 election for Governor, vents his frustration regarding being denied a promotion at the Tangipahoa Parish School System and his contention that the denial was a direct result of his opposition to Gov. Edwards’ re-election efforts.

Subscribers to Sound Off Louisiana will recall our extensive interview with Dr. Oscar Dantzler at the height of the race for Louisiana Governor last year in which Dr. Dantzler indicated he had entered the race to oppose incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards due to Gov. Edwards’ “family corruption.”  As everyone knows, Gov. Edwards defeated Dantzler and all other candidates in the race and obtained a second term as Louisiana Governor.

On Friday, September 18, 2020 (one year and one day after the above feature was published), Dr. Dantzler contacted Sound Off Louisiana’s founder, Robert Burns, and indicated that he, “just wanted to quietly live my life,” after the election.  He then added, “but I guess Gov. Edwards said ‘I’m gonna show him!'”

At Dantlzer’s request, Burns met with him later that evening at Duke’s Seafood in Denham Springs.  Dantzler, who serves as a school bus driver for the Tangipahoa Parish School System, voiced his frustration that he had been denied a promotion for which he applied.  He further explained that the individual who obtained the position, “has never been a school bus driver, did not have a CDL (Commercial Driver License) license to drive a school bus, and who was not an employee of the T.P.S.S.”

That did not set well with Dantzler and, accordingly, he filed this EEOC complaint.  Though Dantzler filed in Federal Court, he indicated that, through “some means” his matter ended up being transferred to Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Louisiana Office of Human Rights.  Dantzler told us at dinner at Duke’s, “how my fate ended up in the hands of Gov. Edwards, I have no idea.”  Burns joked with Dantzler in stating, “May I assume you didn’t feel, as the Allstate commercial says, that you were ‘in good hands?'”  Dantzler responded with a laugh and said, “No!  I knew immediately I was not in good hands like with Allstate.  How could the man I ran against for Governor end up being the one who would decide my case?”

Dantzler also wound up filing this Writ of Mandamus in Federal Court alleging a mass conspiracy entailing individual(s) associated with the school system agreed to support Gov. Edwards’ re-election in return for Edwards’ willingness to obtain jurisdiction over Dantzler’s complaint and then have Dantzler’s complaint dismissed after a successful re-election.

Dr. Dantzler asked to speak to our subscribers to inform them of what all he alleges is transpiring, and so we provided him with that forum (a video camera) on Saturday, September 19, 2020 for him to do so.  Here’s the video of just what all Dr. Dantzler had to say:

9/19/20:  Dantzler voices his frustration at being denied the promotion and the conspiracy he alleges transpired as part of that denial.

Documents referenced that Dantzler requested that Burns read to the audience follow:

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