Former ATC agent Brette Tingle: “White babies are losing weight while little nigglets are eating stolen food.”

Former ATC agent Brette Tingle


In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns provides the second edition, covering days 3-4, of Brett Tingle v. ATC and its former Commissioner, Troy Hebert, being tried in Federal Court in the Middle District of Louisiana:

Burns provides his assessment of days 3-4 of Tingle v. ATC and its former Commissioner, Troy Hebert.

As stated on the video, if the cross examination of Brette Tingle had been a boxing match, defense attorney Edward F. Kohnke, IV (Hebert’s individual attorney) had literally knocked Tingle out by the second round of the match.  In fact, it was so bad that, the moment Kohnke referenced the Marchand murders, Tingle’s attorney, J. Arthur Smith, III, simply stood and objected, Burns believes merely to try to buy some time and give his fighter a chance to mop up at least some of the massive blood all over the canvas.  All attorneys and the judge went to the headsets, and music was played for the audience and the jury while they discussed the matter.  As soon as they pulled the headsets off, the onslaught of Tingle by Kohnke continued.  That’s the difference between a boxing match and a courtroom battle (i.e. the witness can continue to be pounded and pounded and pounded long after he’s gone down to the mat).

Near the end of Kohnke’s references to the texts, he said, “You know we have more, don’t you?”  Tingle finally lost it and said, “I’m sure you do.  I mean you seize MY PHONE, and you go all through it.”

See, Mr. Tingle, that’s just it, it is NOT “your phone,” and, just as Kohnke stated to you, your texts could have been obtained by a mere public records request by ANYONE.

You want an expectation of privacy?  Keep your sexually salacious material and your blatantly racist commentary and inexcusable “jokes” on your own property!

As stated on the video, Judge deGravelles was, using his own words, “pretty p-ed off” with all of the attorneys in the room (that would have made one HELL of a Sound Off Louisiana post if Burns could only have the camera in the courtroom!!!).  In attempting to mitigate his anger toward ATC attorney Renee Culota, she stated to him, “Your Honor, I apologize (for going longer than she had estimated), but this is a very serious matter, and I have a duty to defend my client:  the State of Louisiana.  The plaintiff is seeking a very large sum of money.…..”  That fact is the ultimate injustice of this entire farce!

Burns called a friend to bounce off of him what had transpired prior to producing the video above, and he asked, “Do you see any chance at all the plaintiff can prevail?”  Burns responded, “I would make the analogy of LSU v. Southeastern in Tiger Stadium, and it’s near the end of the third quarter.  LSU is up 70-0.  Yes, it is theoretically possible Southeastern could win, but it would take an incomprehensible miracle beyond the imagination of anyone I can imagine.”  Upon additional time to contemplate the question, we’ll also add that it would take a brain-dead jury in our humble opinions!

Tomorrow morning we get the honor of hearing testimony from the “other half” of the “I hate f—— n——” couple, Ms. Traci Tingle, who was also an ATC employee texting the racist comments to her husband.  We can only wonder how her own cross examination will go!


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