Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul’s girlfriend, State Fire Marshall investigator Lorre Claiborne, testifies she would recommend Paul hire Brette Tingle as Baton Rouge Police officer.

Louisiana State Fire Marshall Investigator Lorre Claiborne.

In the third and final Sound Off Louisiana feature of a series, founder Robert Burns wraps up coverage of Brette Tingle v. ATC and its former Commissioner, Troy Hebert, being tried in Federal Court in the Middle District of Louisiana:

Burns provides third and final installment of Tingle v. ATC and its former Commissioner, Troy Hebert.


One concluding observation inadvertently left off of the video above.  On August 24, 2012, a very heated exchange transpired between Brette Tingle and his supervisor, ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert.  Hebert stated on the witness stand that their dialogue got very heated after Tingle uttered the following words:  “Just remember what happened to the previous commissioner!”

ATC has one final witness to call on Monday, after which closing arguments will transpire and the jury will commence deliberations which, being blunt, we don’t think should take longer than 20 minutes.  As stated on the video, we’ll provide a text update at the top of this feature once the jury reaches its decision.


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