Fox 8’s Lee Zurik confronts (even using Sound Off Louisiana footage) Gov. Edwards’ year of inaction on damning Louisiana State Police report entailing LSPC Member Calvin Braxton.

Embattled LSPC Member Calvin Braxton


Fox 8’s Lee Zurik went straight for the jugular entailing Gov. John Bel Edwards’ inaction for a FULL YEAR after receiving this damning report entailing Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) Member Calvin Braxton attempting to use his influence and abuse his powers to have tickets fixed and even an attempt to have an LSP Trooper disciplined for arresting his daughter for DWI.


Though Braxton largely avoided Zurik’s questioning, he chose to address the matter with his colleagues once Zurik and his film crew left the meeting.  Zurik incorporated Sound Off Louisiana’s video footage (beginning at the 6:10 mark of his report) of Braxton’s commentary in his report, including Braxton defiantly stating:  “The Governor did what he did.  I’m still here.”


Zurik also supplied a follow-up letter to Edwards sent by the Louisiana State Trooper’s Association dated  June 19, 2017 point-blank asking Gov. Edwards, “whether or not you plan to proceed with specifications of charges against Mr. Braxton and have this matter set for a public hearing?”


Though she didn’t have the advantage of one-on-one interview footage with Braxton, WWL’s Katie Moore also featured the scandal on the 10:00 p.m. newscast.  In her report, she too included Braxton’s bold statement supplied by Sound Off Louisiana footage (beginning at the 3:50 mark of her report) wherein Braxton characterized Governor Edwards as “doing what he did” (i.e. nothing) and the fact Braxton boldly proclaimed himself “still here.”  Immediately after Braxton’s bold statement on Moore’s feature, Gov. Edwards’ Executive Counsel, Matthew Block, tip toes around Braxton’s alleged actions.  That segment of the video speaks for itself.


Can anyone just imagine the campaign commercials to run in 2019 by top Republican contenders for Governor of Louisiana entailing this incident?  The commercial can begin with Edwards’ oft-repeated “Honor Code” mantra of the 2015 campaign, followed by footage of him doing ZILCH about this situation for over a year (and that’s under the assumption he chooses to take action now).  Even if Edwards severs ties with Braxton immediately, the question (just as Zurik posed) remains:  Why did Governor John Bel Edwards sit on this for a full year and have to be forced into action by the media?  It’s going to be a tough question for “Honor Code” to answer in the 2019 campaign!


The following video is Braxton’s full commentary regarding Zurik’s surprise visit at the LSPC meeting of Thursday, July 13, 2017:


7/13/17 LSPC Meeting:  Commissioner Braxton comments publicly about allegations of “ticket fixing,” to include his daughter’s DWI.


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