LSPC’s Braxton blindsided by investigative reporter Lee Zurik……addresses “ticket fixing” emails (including DWI for daughter) near the end of meeting.

LSPC Member Calvin Braxton


In our latest Sound Off Louisiana feature, we reveal fallout from Fox8 (Channel 8 in New Orleans) investigative reporter Lee Zurik blindsiding Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) Member Calvin Braxton just prior to the meeting of Thursday, July 13, 2017 regarding emails he showed Braxton between him and former Executive Director Cathy Derbonne.  The emails were asserted to pertain to “ticket fixing,” and they included one or more emails regarding Braxton’s daughter’s arrest for DWI.  Braxton said little to Zurik, but he chose to address the issue after Zurik’s departure near the conclusion of the meeting.  In doing so, Braxton made a vague reference to having “met with the Attorney General’s Office yesterday entailing Cathy Derbonne.”  His full commentary follows:


LSPC’s Braxton comments publicly about allegations of “ticket fixing,” to include his daughter’s arrest for DWI.

Lee Zurik (Fox8 New Orleans) teaser for feature on 10 p.m. newscast to air on Monday, July 17, 2017.

Report submitted to Gov. Edwards on July 11, 2016 entailing Braxton’s conduct.


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3 thoughts on “LSPC’s Braxton blindsided by investigative reporter Lee Zurik……addresses “ticket fixing” emails (including DWI for daughter) near the end of meeting.”

  1. Given the work you Robert Burns and Tom Aswell have done on the Louisiana State Police Commission and the unambiguous documentation of recent issues by Lee Zurik, it should be clear to anybody (including State Troopers) that it is impossible for this commission to work as it should and that it should have never been created. State Police should be folded back into State Civil Service, plain and simple. I have encouraged my state representative to introduce and/or support legislation to start that process and I hope more people will do the same. Some things that sound good on paper don’t work in practice and this is clearly one of them.

    1. Thanks for your assessment, Stephen, and I concur totally. I understand that will require an amendment to Louisiana’s Constitution, but given all that has transpired, I think the people will vote in favor of that overwhelmingly!

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