Gov. Edwards draws curtain on LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp’s 17-year reign of pure, rank corruption…..JBEfraud website indefinitely suspended.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards


On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards ended the 17-year reign of corruption of Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB) Chairman Tessa Steinkamp by replacing her on that board with Jacob Warren, Assistant General Manager of Louisiana First Choice Auto Auction located in Hammond, Louisiana.  Governor Edwards also announced the appointment of Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, President and CEO of Auction Sells Fast, LLC to replace LALB Secretary-Treasurer Darleen Jacobs.  Rev. Phillips is also the President and Founder of the Louisiana Association of Professional Auctioneers, a trade association charged with the dual purpose of advocating on behalf of auctioneers and providing extensive assistance to consumers who have been victimized by auctioneers.  Rev. Phillips previously served on the LALB from mid 2008 until January of 2012.  He communicated to Gov. Jindal that he was unwilling to submit himself to the type of personal attacks Ms. Steinkamp, Vice Chairman James Sims, and others were launching his way (see a few “embarrassment” links at the conclusion of this post).  Accordingly, he told Gov. Jindal that he would NOT serve a second term under his administration, and he was replaced by Ms. Jacobs for Jindal’s second term.

An Edwards Boards and Commissions staffer indicated that Gov. Edwards will make a subsequent announcement of whom he wishes to serve as Chairman of the LALB.  In the following Sound Off Louisiana feature, Robert Burns assesses the 17-year reign of corruption entailing Ms. Steinkamp (and provides supporting links for substantiation) and strongly praises Gov. Edwards for taking such quick and decisive action, especially so early in his term and despite facing absolutely massive budget problems inherited from his predecessor, Bobby Jindal:


Burns highlights the 17-year reign of LALB corruption under Chairman Tessa Steinkamp

Supporting links for webpages or Sound Off posts with extensive supporting details:

1.  (Referenced @ 5:50 mark in video):

Concealment of MASSIVE law violations and victimizations at her employer, NOAG.

2.  (Referenced @ 8:15 mark in video):

LALB (including Steinkamp) all turn their backs on 83-year-old widow auction victim Betty Jo Story.

3.  (Referenced @ 8:35 mark in video):

Sound Off feature entailing Rev. Phillips exposing payroll fraud at the LALB & IDB.

4.  (Referenced @ 9:15 mark in video):

Segment of LALB “Hearing” entailing me reporting LALB payroll fraud to the Legislative Auditor’s Office.

5.  (Referenced @ 14:30 mark in video):

Abolish IDB website (extensive studies of ID regulation suppressing jobs for minorities).

6.  (Referenced early on in the above video):  Links of Itemized Embarrassments of Outgoing LALB Members:

Tessa Steinkamp           Darlene Jacobs

As clearly stated in the video, Sound Off Louisiana wishes to acknowledge the highest level of praise for Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards for taking this initial action to clean up the corruption within the auction regulatory environment in Louisiana.  We believe that, in order to purge adequately the stench associated with that regulatory body from the Jindal administration, only the systematic removal of all of Jindal’s appointees applicable for the day Edwards took office (two positions, one for an auctioneer and one for a consumer, were vacant when Edwards was sworn in) will clean the agency up.  Thereafter, the new members need to clean house and terminate the contracts of both attorneys and also terminate the Executive Director, Sandy Edmonds, which was a recommendation made by the Louisiana Inspector General’s Office in this report once they’d caught Edmonds engaging in payroll fraud and lying to them about the practice.

There are plenty of other problems on other boards for Gov. Edwards to also focus on.  They include the reckless and renegade nature of the Cosmetology Board, as depicted by our Nelda Dural post and our post entailing former U. S. Congressman (and candidate for U. S. Senate) Joseph Cao.

Until further notice, the JBE fraud website is being suspended.  Furthermore, if Gov. Edwards continues with actions such as those depicted above, it won’t ever resurface.  For the hard-core Republicans on the Sound Off Louisiana list (of which there are tons) who simply can’t stomach any complimentary words for a Democrat, if you wish to be removed from the email list, simply inform me of that fact, and I’ll be happy to remove you.  As for me, though I am a registered Republican, my allegiance is toward governmental operations devoid of fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, and cronyism, and I don’t give two bent pins who initiates measures to bring about same.  In that regard, Gov. John Bel Edwards has done more in his first 100 days entailing this corrupt LALB than Bobby Jindal did in his entire eight-year disastrous tenure.  I assume he was too preoccupied with “no-go zones” in England to care about 83-year-old auction victims like Betty Jo Story and victims fleeced for over $100,000 EACH through fraudulent practices such as those outlined in link # 1 above and about which LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp concealed from the very body on which she served in a leadership capacity, the LALB.

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  1. Robert, I applaud you for not letting partisanship get in the way of telling it like it us. We need more like you.

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