delaHoussaye sues OIG, calls on Louisiana Legislators to abolish agency as one which “serves as a bully of whistleblowers.”

Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street

On June 15, 2015, Corey delaHoussaye sat down with Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns for an extensive interview entailing Livingston Parish governmental corruption.  In the interview, Corey outlines $58 million in fraudulent invoices to FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav, his role as an FBI informant in reporting the fraud, and the nightmare his life became from serving as a whistleblower.

DelaHoussaye, who was prosecuted for allegedly submitting his own invoices for which prosecutors claimed he invoiced hours worked during which he was tending to personal affairs, filed a civil suit against the Louisiana Office of Inspector General (OIG) alleging malicious prosecution and defamation.  On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, delaHoussaye again sat down with Burns and spoke about his lawsuit and his resolute belief that the OIG should be abolished and that its funding be redirected to higher education and health care.  In the interview below, DelaHoussaye bluntly states that the OIG serves to “bully whistleblowers” such as himself.


delaHoussaye explains why he sued the OIG, comments on its
investigative techniques, and calls upon voters to contact
Louisiana Legislators to abolish the OIG and divert
its funding to health care and higher education.

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