Gov. Edwards’ strong ally, convicted felon Larry S. Bankston: “I don’t want to be involved with people that f—— tape people’s telephone conversations.”

Former Louisiana State Senator and Current Attorney for Louisiana State Contractor Board, Larry S. Bankston.


In the latest Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns outlines the specific content of FBI wiretaps entailing convicted felon and former Louisiana State Senator Larry S. Bankston, whom Louisiana Gov. John Bel “Honor Code” Edwards (through his appointees) has tapped for some critical state positions, including being the attorney for the Louisiana State Contractor Board.

Burns provides viewers with the specific content of Bankston’s damning FBI wire tap recordings and provides commentary on same.

Supporting Documentation and Links:

Bankston FBI Wiretap # 1

Bankston FBI Wiretap # 2

Bankston FBI Wiretap # 3

Bankston FBI Wiretap # 4

Court Listener Link for Totality of FBI Investigation of Larry Bankston With FBI Wire Tap Contents

Advocate Article of Bankston’s Latest Problematic Behavior

Email exchange between Michael McDuff and Burns of Monday, March 20, 2017
wherein McDuff states “my understanding” is that Bankston’s son does NOT “work for” any of the consortium of companies constituting the third-place bidder on Louisiana’s flood recovery contract.

Stay tuned for installment two entailing Gov. Edwards’ trusted ally, Larry Bankston, wherein Sound Off Louisiana‘s Burns provides valuable insight on one of the most frequently asked question he gets entailing Bankston:  “How in the world did he get his law license back?”

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7 thoughts on “Gov. Edwards’ strong ally, convicted felon Larry S. Bankston: “I don’t want to be involved with people that f—— tape people’s telephone conversations.””

  1. Bankston is bad news! Anybody on the phone with him better record the conversation. Even then, when he’s caught in a lie, he just gets mad at those who call him on the carpet on it. Are you going to get this up on jbefraud?

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Mayhall. Keeping the website up-to-date is getting to be a real chore given all the corruption that currently abounds in Edwards’ administration. Here’s a link for the updated site: Again, thanks for the reminder!

  2. I may be wishful thinking but this may be a good time that the Governor and the AG work together on doing some house cleaning.
    There’s too many good lawyers out there to put up with this.
    Mr. Burns the Governor may surprise us and get rid of this guy sooner than you think.
    I had some major issues with one of GOHSEP’s legal counsel (Ben Plaia) and right about the time the Governor got involved he was history!!

    1. I agree with you, Mr. Broussard, on there being way too many good lawyers for Louisiana to have to settle for this kind of corruption and graft! Nevertheless, make no mistake, Mr. Broussard, it will be a cold day in hell before Gov. John Bel “Honor Code” Edwards would have the guts (or solid moral character) to command that his appointees to the LSBC terminate the contract of Bankston!
      As you likely know, Attorney General Jeff Landry sued Gov. Edwards over who has final say entailing the hiring of contract attorneys to be employed by the State of Louisiana. Landry did so because he was bitterly opposed to Edwards’ hiring of Bankston.. Judge Hernandez ruled that the authority is vested in Attorney General Jeff Landry. Of course, Edwards, who is getting his head handed to him on a platter in court cases against Landry, appealed (thus costing us even more in legal fees).
      Edwards owes his very soul to corrupt political elements like Bankston and former LSP Col. Mike Edmonson, which is why he has (or, in Edmonson’s case, had) them appointed in the positions he does. Most of these legal contracts come up for renewal at the beginning of a new fiscal year (7/1/17 in this case). That’s why I made the direct appeal, beginning at the 20:39 mark of the video above, for viewers to contact Landry’s office and seek for him to decline to approve legal contracts for dubious characters such as Bankston. They represent nothing shy of Gov. John Bel “Honor Code” Edwards continuing his pattern of enriching those to whom he owes his position of Governor irrespective of how much corruption and graft his actions entail going straight down the throats of taxpayers across the United States. Through his corrupt practices, which are now on full display, he becomes viewed as totally untrustworthy. That view of him, which is being reinforced by situations like this, among lawmakers in Congress across the United States make it a certainty that Louisiana flood victims are going to experience significant delays in obtaining much-needed relief.
      So, I would have to chalk up any notion that Edwards will push for Bankston’s termination as being “wishful thinking” of the highest order!

  3. Thanks for the link on Bankston’s motion to try to suppress those FBI wiretaps. Thank God the judge denied the motion so we can all see what a crook Bankston is and reference to other swimmers in the same cesspool like Nunez and Alario. We have a huge credibility problem with Congress with this sort of thing out there. Be honest, if this were some other state and we saw this sort of thing, wouldn’t we demand the state clean up corruption instead of making more and more demands for more taxpayer relief to grease more politicians’ palms? The contents on those wiretaps are disgusting, and no wonder Bankston never wanted them to see the light of day! Thanks, Sound Off!!

  4. Get the damn FBI in every state office in the god forsaken state and arrests the damn crooks. Tired of contractor board protect they on and don’t give a flip about nobody but the crooks they hire.

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