Bankston character reference purportedly threatens to “cut Neal Patel’s legs off.”

Former Louisiana State Senator and Current Attorney for Louisiana State Contractor Board, Larry S. Bankston.


In our last Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns covered disturbing quotes made by attorney Larry S. Bankston on FBI wire taps during its investigations of him for bribery and racketeering.

The FBI investigation culminated in Bankston being sentenced to 41 months in Federal prison (he served 33) and ordered to pay a $20,000 fine.

In the latest Sound Off Louisiana feature, Burns addresses a question he gets asked more than any other entailing Bankston, and that is how Bankston managed to get his law license reinstated:

Burns highlights 18 of the “character letters” supplied to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and Louisiana Supreme Court in order for convicted felon Larry S. Bankston to have his law license reinstated.

Supporting Documentation and Links:

STRONG dissent of Richard Gerard, Jr.
 entailing reinstating Bankston’s law license.

Index listing of ALL individuals supplying Bankston character letters to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and Louisiana Supreme Court

Individual Bankston Character Letters:

Alton Ashy
 (prominent lobbyist and close friends with Gov. John Bel Edwards)

      —- Excerpt of previously-sealed document in CNSI civil trial wherein Alton Ashy purportedly threatens to “cut Neal Patel’s legs off.”

—- Excerpt from
Hayride article in which it is stated that no other outside party has visited JBE in the Governor’s  Mansion more than Ashy.  

      —-  Note:  CLICK HERE for full Hayride article (see 2nd paragraph above Attorney General Jeff Landry’s letter).

      —- Note:  CLICK HERE for another Hayride article focusing on Bankston and allegations of bid rigging entailing the current flood relief contract.

Anthony Marabella (defense attorney for Carl Cleveland, Bankston co-defendant who was sentenced to over 10 years in Federal prison).

Glenn Ansardi (State Rep. from Kenner for 24 years, including Bankston’s tenure in the Louisiana Senate — now a 24th District State Judge).

Greg Barrow (Louisiana Senate colleague of Bankston during his tenure as a State Senator).

Michael Beycock (son of the legendary late Shelly Beycock, Edwin Edwards’ Executive Counsel, political consultant with Bankston and ran his Louisiana Senate campaign).

T. Dennis Bickham (legislative aide for Bankston in the Louisiana Senate and a client entailing his deceased father’s estate).

Steve Carter (current Louisiana State Representative who is term-limited after his current term) and Jim Bollinger.

Armand Brinkhaus (Louisiana Senate colleague serving with Bankston during his tenure in the Senate).

Timothy G. Burns [former Louisiana State Representative (R-Mandeville)].  No relation to Robert Burns, founder of Sound Off Louisiana!

Michael Cross
 (former Louisiana State Senator and colleague of Bankston during his tenure in the Louisiana Senate).

John deGravelles (appointed Federal Judge, Middle District of Louisiana, by President Obama in mid 2014 to replace Judge John Brady, who attained Senior Status).

Randy Ewing (former Louisiana State Senator and colleague of Bankston during his tenure in the Louisiana Senate).

Robert L. “Bobby” Freeman (Louisiana Lieutenant Governor during the Dave Treen administration
from 1980-1984 and EWE’s third term of ’84 – ’88).

Donald G. Kelly (former Louisiana State Senator and colleague of Bankston during his tenure in the Louisiana Senate).

Charles J. Melancon (former U. S. Representative who was  quickly ousted as Gov. Edwards’ Commissioner of Wildlife and Fisheries).

Judy Smart (friend and coworker for seven years).

Thomas Sova (financial advisor).

Mitchell Wood and Simon Pham (Architects). 

Additional Bankston Character Letters:

Set 1    Set 2   Set 3

Lawsuit filed by IEM
, bidder who finished in first place on Louisiana’s flood relief contract, after Bankston issued an “advisory opinion” disqualifying the first and second place bidders while conveniently failing to disclose his son’s interest in the third-place bidder.

So, based largely on the foregoing letters, Bankston is now rewarded as legal counsel for the  Amite River Basin Commission, the Auctioneer Licensing Board, and the Louisiana State Board of Contractors.  Arguments can be made that Bankston had no business obtaining any of these contracts (a view expressed vehemently by Attorney General Jeff Landry), and perhaps the most recent flood recovery contract may well be Bankston’s waterloo, particularly with U. S. Senator John Kennedy, a  potential candidate for Governor in 2019, having referred to Edwards’ handling of the matter as “a three-stooges like performance.”   

Entailing Kennedy’s point regarding his colleagues reading newspapers and blogs, as evidenced by  this Jackson, Mississippi blog post, word gets around far more widely than was the case several decades ago.  Trying to convince other U. S.  Congressmen to go along with additional flood relief dollars is a job made tremendously more difficult when those Congressmen read about the corruption that is so rampant in Louisiana entailing FEMA-related disbursements.  Simply put:  Louisiana needs to eliminate a serious credibility problem and perception which it has justifiably earned among national lawmakers if it expects to obtain additional flood relief dollars.  It is as simple as that. 

[Note:  For viewers curious entailing the alleged threat by Alton Ashy referenced above, visit our 3rd in a series of former AG James D. “Buddy” Caldwell entailing “outrageous witness tampering.”]

We look forward to delivering part three of our series on Larry S. Bankston, during which Burns will present first-hand knowledge of Bankston’s propensity to cram corruption straight down the public’s throat.  It’s a feature you will NOT want to miss.

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6 thoughts on “Bankston character reference purportedly threatens to “cut Neal Patel’s legs off.””

  1. I wonder how many of these fine folks would have supplied these letters if they were required to enclose $100,000 checks to protect against Bankston’s future actions. Full refund with nominal interest upon Bankston’s death or retirement. Watch how fast the number of letters goes to zero. Kudos to Gerard need more like him.

  2. Burns…… should have let your audience see the prior page (page 3) on that report.
    You didn’t want your viewers to know Smith was complaining about Ashy’s son landing a $200,000 job right out of college with no experience? Hell, at least give a direct link for the FULL report rather than having it buried in your Caldwell report so readers can see the bottom of page three leading up to what you referenced:
    Looks like a lobbyist like Ashy gets taken care of pretty well. No doubt Bankston and crew will make sure it all stays in the close inner circle and to hell with those who flooded.

    1. You make an excellent point, Flush, but I point out that Smith’s complaint about Ashy’s son’s salary is not underlined.
      What you have to realize is that Caldwell’s office engaged in all kinds of improprieties entailing its so-called investigation. Their investigator, Scott Bailey (who departed the AG’s Office within days of Landry taking office), had to tell Smith during his improper visit with him in Orlando (i.e. his “outrageous witness tampering”), that he’d given him the “wrong version” of the “Kunego report.” The very fact that a second version of the report even exists (and McKay, counsel for CNSI, openly pondered whether the second version even existed prior to the conclusion of the first half of Smith’s deposition) constitutes evidence tampering to accompany Caldwell’s office’s very obvious witness tampering.
      Anyway, the fact that it was not underlined indicates Smith was not willing to stand by having said anything entailing the $200,000 salary. We basically have to accept the entire “Kunego report” with a grain of salt given all the taint that surrounds it entailing Caldwell’s office. Entailing Bailey, whose big claim to fame is being the private detective who captured the incriminating photos of Jimmy Swaggart with a prostitute that led to his downfall, it’s pretty obvious he is CLUELESS entailing proper investigative techniques applicable to successfully hold up in court. To think they could have pulled off that witness tampering and evidence tampering and a shrewd attorney like Lewis Unglesby not detect it is tantamount to living in a fantasyland. That’s basically why John Bel Edwards and Jeff Landry BOTH agreed it was in the State of Louisiana’s best interest to settle the CNSI matter. How often are we going to see Jeff Landry and John Bel Edwards be completely on the same page?

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