JBE’s auction corruption train gains speed, overtakes Jindal’s, as Henderson is served with Federal fraud lawsuit, Executive Director Edmonds admits past long-time Chairman Steinkamp’s voter registration and residence don’t match.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

The following video, complete with brief historical video highlights of past Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB) meetings, combined with the document support links below the video, depict the full-court commitment that Louisiana Gov. John Bel “Honor Code” Edwards has to not only match Jindal’s auction corruption train, but for his own auction corruption train to pass Jindal’s with lightening-fast speed, which it has already managed to do!

Video of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ intense commitment to
maintaining and intensifying auction regulatory corruption in Louisiana.

CLICK HERE for Henderson being served with Federal fraud suit on 6/25/16 @ 9:32 a.m.

[Note:  CLICK HERE for full-blown feature on the alleged Henderson fraud]

CLICK HERE for ED  Edmonds’ email admitting Steinkamp’s residency and voter registration don’t

CLICK HERE for Danny Pun’s lawsuit filed with the bankruptcy court wherein he outlines having been fleeced out of around $130,000 at the VERY LAST auction of New Orleans Auction Galleries prior to its 4/1/11 bankruptcy.  He was fleeced by misrepresentations on the authenticity of a chicken blood stone and a jade table, both of which were advertised as authentic when, in reality, they were total fakes.

CLICK HERE for Danny Pun’s ACTUAL complaint with the LALB in which he 
names LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp in the complaint!!

[Note:  NOBODY, that’s right, NOBODY was EVER ordered to appear before the LALB for a disciplinary hearing entailing all the illegalities that transpired at NOAG].

CLICK HERE for the Massound Pouratian lawsuit filed into NOAG’s bankruptcy wherein, in 2008, Pouratian bid $114,000 on paintings that were total fakes and which arrived at NOAG with Christie’s rejection stickers on the backs of the paintings (see exhibits in lawsuit)!

CLICK HERE for Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera’s report
on LALB payroll practices.  Purpera turned his findings over to EBRP District Attorney Hillar Moore for potential criminal prosecution of Edmonds.  Moore, in turn, turned the matter over to Inspector General Stephen Street, who ultimately conducted a months-long monitoring of Edmonds’ cell phone records and ultimately issued this report.

The preceding video and support links above make it abundantly clear that Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards is even more committed to auction regulatory corruption that his predecessor, Bobby Jindal.  It was a very tall order to fill, but Mr. “Honor Code” has made it readily apparent he intends to not only keep Jindal’s auction corruption train in place, but indeed to push its throttle forward to the maximum speed!

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