JBE’s newly-appointed cosmetology board members’ actions immediately greeted with a lawsuit by the Institute for Justice.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards


Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns provides commentary on the latest lawsuit filed against the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology (the first as a direct result of actions of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ newly-appointed members):

Burns outlines the lawsuit and provides his own take  about why he
is so passionate about the causes of the plaintiffs in this and other
cases entailing  Louisiana occupational licensing boards and commissions.

CLICK HERE to view the actual lawsuit
filed in 19th JDC on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 (Judge Caldwell drew the case).

CLICK HERE for an Institute of Justice webpage press release
entailing the suit including a great video of the owner of the company.

Prior Sound Off Louisiana posts entailing the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology:

1.  Former Congressman Joseph Cao’s testimony before the Louisiana State Senate on the “lawlessness” of
the LSBC.

2.  U. S. Senator (and candidate for Louisiana Governor last year) David Vitter elaborates upon Louisiana’s excessive number of boards and commissions and his stated plans to “probably get rid of some of them” (had he prevailed over John Bel Edwards which, regrettably, he did not).

3.  Nelda Dural (small cosmetology school owner) echoing Congressman Cao’s claims of LSBC

4.  Robert Burns educating attorneys Morris & Cangelosi on Dural’s right to OPEN DELIBERATIONS of her fate consistent with LA R. S. 42:17 (A)(1)

5.  Sound Off Louisiana’s Video Camera scaring off LSBC members.

6.  Dural suing the board for judicial review of her hearing.  Judge Johnson’s office said to expect a ruling around Tuesday, August 9, 2016.

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2 thoughts on “JBE’s newly-appointed cosmetology board members’ actions immediately greeted with a lawsuit by the Institute for Justice.”

  1. Thank you again for sounding off for the little man. We actually have to acquire 1500 hrs. to test for our license.

    1. Thanks for the correction, Ray! That makes it that much worse. I’d bluntly called it what it is in being “slave labor” at 1,200 hours. Now that you’ve corrected me to the correct total of 1,500, it’s even more a case of slave labor! Thanks for that correction.

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