LSP Trooper August McKay’s attorney lambasts WBRZ’s feature on alleged reference to colleague as a “f—— n——,” but LSPC members lambast McKay’s action nevertheless.

Louisiana State Police legal counsel Faye Morrison, who was called upon to respond to questions posed by the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) regarding highly-public matters of alleged LSP Trooper misconduct featured in media outlets in the past few weeks.

At the LSPC meeting of Thursday, October 8, 2020, the attorney for August McKay, an LSP Trooper profiled on this WBRZ (Channel 2 in Baton Rouge) investigative report by Chris Nakamoto as having referenced a colleague as a “f—– n——,” lambasted the feature as “misinformation.” He further contended the feature led to “embarrassments to his family,” and “threats to him and his family.”  He also stated that, contrary to Nakamoto’s feature, McKay had not been removed from an undercover Federal task force and that he is, “still in that Federal task force.”  Video of the discussion of McKay in its entirety follows:

McKay’s attorney, Eric J. Hessler, makes public comments on Nakamoto’s report and the inaccuracies that he alleges are contained within it.  Thereafter, LSPC members make their own sentiments on the matter known.

As evidenced in the preceding video, LSPC Chairman Eulis Simien and LSP Legal Counsel Faye Morrison sparred over the appropriateness of having a collective group of matters on the agenda.  Simien, who is also an attorney, made it clear to Morrison that they “are” on the agenda not withstanding her contention that they are “inappropriately” on the agenda.  Morrison further made it crystal clear that there would be no substantive discussion regarding the  in-custody death of Ronald Greene.  Here’s video coverage of that segment of the meeting:

To the extent LSP legal counsel Faye Morrison engaged, the LSPC members conducted a discussion of Roanld Greene’s LSP in-custody death.

Finally, there was a brief airing of frustration on Simien’s part that LSPC members learn of matters such as the recent indictment of LSP Trooper Kasha Domingue via media reports rather than having an advanced heads up.  Video of that brief matter follows:

Chairman Simien vents frustration concerning learning of matters of LSP troopers via media reports rather than having an advanced heads up.

The LSPC meeting of October 8, 2020 in its entirety may be viewed by clicking here.

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