LSPC issues circular calling for State Police Troopers to conform to the same political restrictions as other state civil service employees, prompting LSTA attorney Floyd Falcon to accuse the LSPC of “destroying” the LSTA and issue a subtle indication to expect litigation over the action.

Louisiana State Trooper’s Association attorney Floyd Falcon


On Thursday, April 12, 2018, the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) withdrew its previously-issued circular on political activity by classified Louisiana State Troopers (Circular 190) and replaced it with Circular 191.  That circular mirrors the same provisions and restrictions which Louisiana State Civil Service utilizes for other state civil service classified employees.  As evidenced in the following video highlight, the LSPC’s action drew extremely sharp criticism from Louisiana State Trooper Association (LSTA) attorney Floyd Falcon, who also made a subtle reference of litigation over the LSPC’s action:

LSTA attorney Floyd Falcon sharply criticizes the LSPC over promulgating Circular 191.


The topic of LSTA political contributions has been a hotly contested issue as evidenced by The Hayride’s recent feature on the topic.  One can only infer from the tone and tenor of Hayride publisher Scott McKay’s article, when combined with the fact it has received 323 Facebook shares (as of this writing), that the public simply isn’t in favor of the LSTA becoming a political machine.  Perhaps citizens making LSTA contributions would not be happy with those contributions being forwarded on to individual political candidates whom the contributors may staunchly oppose (e.g. Gov. John Bel Edwards in next year’s election).


Meanwhile, retired LSP Trooper Leon “Bucky” Millet, who has been a watchdog over LSPC operations for 27 months (having not missed a single meeting), voiced his frustration that, as stated in a recent Advocate article entailing the “LSP Vegas Crew,” a recent Louisiana Ethics Board exoneration transpired last month on the whole matter.  One of the factors cited by the Ethics Board was the fact that any disciplinary action has likely prescribed because an investigation did not transpire timely.  Millet forewarned of that possibility 10 months ago.  A highlight video of Millet’s presentation on that issue, which included him voicing frustration with LSP Lieutenant Colonel  Mike Noel, follows:

Millet voices frustration with LSPC over his view that any potential “Vegas Crew” prosecution by the LSPC has prescribed.

NOTE:  For historical videos of LSPC meetings in their entireties, CLICK HERE.


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