LSU President F. King Alexander: “If our students are not getting interior design jobs, then we need to re-examine what we’re doing” entailing offering interior design instruction.

LSU President F. King Alexander

Sound Off Louisiana viewers will recall a few months back that Delgado Community College in New Orleans had to abandon its Interior Design course offerings.  At the time, we openly questioned what this may mean for the other three universities offering the program:  LSU, UL-Lafayette, and Louisiana Tech.


Given Gov. Edwards’ support of HB-623 which would call for abolishing interior design licensure in Louisiana, Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns questioned LSU President F. King Alexander entailing whether he felt LSU could justify continuing to maintain its Interior Design Department, especially given video evidence of the Louisiana State Board of Interior Design readily admitting that very few of its graduates obtain jobs in interior design, and an even smaller percentage obtain jobs in interior design in Louisiana.  President Alexander’s response follows:

LSU President F. King Alexander addresses Burns’ question entailing LSU “justifying keeping its Interior Design program.”


We believe now is a time to review a brief video clip of the February 27, 2014 meeting of the Louisiana Interior Design Board (IDB) during which, Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, who has sought for his wife, who is a licensed Louisiana real estate broker, to also become a licensed interior designer, asks the Interior Design Board members if there any African American interior designers, and he gets his head bitten off for even asking (especially by Karen Hazel, wife of Louisiana State Rep. Chris Hazel).  Phillips concludes by stating, regarding Hazel:  “I know when somebody is talking TO me, and I know when somebody is talking AT me!”

2/27/14 IDB meeting:  Phillips inquires of IDB Members entailing whether Louisiana has any African American interior designers.  CLICK HERE for Alexander’s presentation in its entirety.

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