19th JDC Judges to consider moving disgraced Judge Trudy White to civil division where she can likely wreak even more havic than on the criminal bench!

Disgraced 19th JDC Judge Trudy White

Mere moments ago, WBRZ (Channel 2 in Baton Rouge), aired the following news piece entailing 19th JDC judges about to convene to consider moving disgraced Judge Trudy White from the criminal bench to the civil bench:


WBRZ News feature of White potentially going to civil court in 19th JDC.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has filed filed litigation in Federal Court in Baton Rouge wherein White is referenced as being an integral part of a “pretrial supervision scheme” and also references alleged RICO statute violations thereof.


White, who may likely belong in Federal prison as an inmate herself for her role in the “scheme,” further disgraced herself in having to apologize to her colleagues for running the following convict-friendly campaign ad which is referenced in the WBRZ news feature above:

Disgraced Judge Trudy White’s 2014 television campaign ad.

White has also been profiled for overruling jury verdicts and, in the process, angering many black residents who were victims of violent acts, the perpetrators of whom were tried in White’s courtroom.

Please, U. S. Attorney Brandon Fremin, PLEASE initiate action as quicky as possible to get this disgraced judge off the bench PERIOD!!!!!!


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