As Mills reviews flaws in Louisiana’s adoption process and statutes, WBRZ’s Weiss joins WVLA in exposing devastating failed adoption for young Central couple.

Craig Mills and His Family

In our last Sound Off Louisiana feature, Craig Mills, an alleged victim of an adoption scam, vented what he asserts is indifference on the parts of Louisiana State Police Major Paul Edmonson, Attorney General Jeff Landry, and others entailing his contention that adoption scams are rampant across Louisiana.


On Monday (June 19, 2017) of this week, WBRZ’s Brittany Weiss further illuminated the devastation endured by a Central couple as a result of bizarre circumstances entailing its adoption devastation.   The expectant mother allegedly threatened to find another family willing to adopt her daughter and which would be willing to provide more “support” in the way of cosigning a note for a trailer purchase she wanted to consummate.


Conflicting evidence exists entailing the “resolution” to the Central adoption couple’s plight.  The birth mother, whom nobody can locate, is said to have conveyed via text that she was “keeping the baby.”  If so, no laws would be broken.


Perhaps the birth mother did opt to keep the baby, but evidence does exist that may not be the case in that a previous WVLA feature on the same couple demonstrated that, during a phone conversation between the adoption social worker and a man living with the birth mother, that man, at least according to the prospective Central adoptive father, said, “I’m supposed to meet with David and Sonya to sign some type of paperwork.”  When the social worker inquired who David and Sonya are, the man purportedly said, “uh oh,” after which he hung up the phone.  Thereafter, the man was unable to be contacted.  Now the Central couple is out in excess of $25,000 and is left with dashed hopes of raising the daughter they awaited with such anticipation, Abigail Grace.


In our final segment of the Mills investigative series, Mills ties all of the material together to illuminate the significant problems inherent in Louisiana’s adoption industry.  Those problems have led to Louisiana being known as “ground zero” for adoption scams, so much so that out-of-state recruitment transpires in which expectant mothers are openly encouraged to relocate to Louisiana because of its lax adoption practices.  Here’s the final installment of the Mills investigative series:

Mills provides comprehensive review of adoption problems in Louisiana.


Sound Off Louisiana wishes to thank Craig Mills for his exposure of this significant problem in Louisiana, for his high level of organization, and for his ability to convey those problems, and we especially extend thanks to our many viewers who took the time to watch this series, share its components on Facebook, etc.  Hopefully, some corrective actions may ensue which will eliminate Louisiana being labeled as “ground zero” for adoption shortcomings in the near future.


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