Marvin Henderson’s daughter: “Daddy doesn’t have $20 to buy milk.”

Henderson Auctions Founder Marvin Henderson


In our latest Sound Off Louisiana feature, we profile some of the incredible revelations being uncovered in the depositions of Henderson Auctions v. BLH Equipment and James Blake Everett during which, despite this WBRZ TV feature referencing a Facebook post in which Marvin Henderson is referenced as a “billionaire,” his daughter, Janet Henderson Cagley, now states under oath that her father, Marvin, “doesn’t have $20 to buy milk.”:

Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns begins coverage of revelations made in depositions of Henderson Auctions v. BLH Equipment.  Segment one features sections of the deposition of Henderson Auctions’ founder, convicted felon Marvin Henderson, and segments of his daughter’s deposition, Janet Henderson Cagley.  CLICK HERE for the scathing ruling issued by U. S. Judge Shelly Dick referenced in the video and CLICK HERE for the Business Report article referenced in the video.

Direct quote from Business Report Article referenced above:

In July, Everett’s attorney filed another exhibit, this one called ‘Advances to Marvin for his Girlfriends‘ (bold emphasis is ours). The handwritten ledger shows dates and amounts for 10 additional alleged payments—in cash and cashier’s checks—to Marvin Henderson or to women on Henderson’s behalf (bold emphasis ours). That exhibit alleges that all told, BLH Equipment paid $141,519.68 to Marvin Henderson between July 2, 2013, and Feb. 7, 2014.”

Supporting Documentation:

Janet Henderson admitting that her father, Marvin Henderson, did NOT want her or Jeff to know about the secretive wire transfers he instructed Blake to remit DIRECTLY to him.

Janet Henderson stating that pursuing her father for repayment of the $100,000 secretive payment would be useless because “he doesn’t have $20 to buy milk.”

Janet Henderson stating Marvin liked to provide “young women” with money, and stating “JAH was not responsible for it.”

Marvin Henderson explains why JAH was ever formed in the first place.

Marvin attempts to explain his role in JAH Enterprises (d/b/a Henderson auctions).

Marvin Henderson point-blank refers to JAH (d/b/a Henderson Auctions) as “my company.”

JAH (d/b/a Henderson Auctions) attorney Steven Scandurro walks back Marvin Henderson’s statement that JAH is “my company.”


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One thought on “Marvin Henderson’s daughter: “Daddy doesn’t have $20 to buy milk.””

  1. You can buy a lot of milk with $141,519.68

    I believe the bigger problem is trying to enter
    “Advances to Marvin for his Girlfriends” into QuickBooks.

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