Moon Griffon and Robert Burns engage on Griffon’s radio program entailing Gov. Edwards’ hypocrisy; Griffon lambasts The Advocate’s Tyler Bridges hit piece on Congressman Abraham.

Radio talk show host Moon Griffon

On Thursday, January 17, 2019, Advocate writer Tyler Bridges published a flat-out hit piece on U. S. Congressman Ralph Abraham criticizing him for donating no more than his first two years’ salary (totaling approximately $350,000) to two charities (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Independence Fund, a charity based in Charlotte, North Carolina which focuses on catastrophically-injured or wounded veterans).

Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns made the following comment in the Advocate’s comments section regarding Bridges’ hit piece:


Robert Burns

Well, I see the most infamous “stenographer for John Bel Edwards” a/k/a Tyler Bridges is back four years later again masquerading as an objective campaign reporter.

How about you question the Edwards camp about a few of the episodes featured on this website, Tyler?:

After all, most of those episodes are derived from Advocate headlines.


The next day, The Hayride’s Scott McKay took Bridges to task on the piece with this superb article on Bridges’ journalistic shortcomings.

The next day, Saturday, January 19, 2019, Moon Griffon directly attacked Bridges and the “collusion” of the Baton Rouge media (most especially The Advocate and Tyler Bridges) for the hit piece when he served as host on WJBO’s 2-4 segment.  Let’s listen in on just what Moon had to say:

Moon lambasts Bridges and The Advocate over Bridges’ article.

Soon thereafter, Sound Off Louisiana’s Robert Burns called in and had an exchange with Moon entailing the overall hypocrisy of Gov. Edwards as readily depicted on a site Burns published and is referenced in the Advocate’s comments section above:  The Choice Is Clear LA.  It’s a site that contrasts Gov. Edwards and Congressman Abraham in stark detail.  Moon permitted Burns to readily tout the site, and Moon even chose an audio clip from the site entailing Edwards’ point-blank statement that he “would not raise taxes on individuals or businesses.”  It’s the final clip on the website (always save the best for last)!  Here’s a clip of the exchange between Griffon and Burns:

Griffon and Burns have a little exchange on Gov. Edwards’ hypocrisy.

As is stated at the bottom of The Choice is Clear LA (and which was also featured as a Sound Off Louisiana blog entry), anyone relying solely upon the mainstream media representations for news on the Governor’s race is going to observe very little in the way of objective journalism and much more of partisan hit pieces from journalists such as Bridges who, just as he did four years ago, is masquerading around as an objective journalist.

We all know Bridges made a small fortune in assisting Edwards with the victory in 2015 and then turning right around and co-authoring a book profiting off that Edwards victory (Long Shot).  Perhaps it’s no small bit of irony that those whom Bridges would quote touting the book on the preceding link, Jim Bean and Lanny Keller, are two journalists Griffon point-blank names as being “in collusion” with Bridges!

We wonder if Bridges donated “only” half the proceeds off that book to charity and, if he donated no more than that, if that constitutes a flaw on his part as he deems to be the case for Abraham?

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