Retired LSP Trooper Millet calls for the heads of three LSPC members over alleged improper political activities.

Louisiana State Police Commission Chairman Eulis Simien, Jr.


UPDATE:  01/10/09 @ 8:52 p.m.

Mere hours after we published the feature below, we received a private Facebook message from Louisiana Rep. Mark Wright (R-Covington).  We provide that private Facebook message from Wright in its entirety below:


Perhaps Rep. Wright has a point.  Why should we have any expectation that he or his staff would demonstrate a modicum of competence and correctly complete a campaign finance report?

Now, we will expect to see Rep. Wright’s correspondence as part of Mr. Riecke’s written response to Executive Director Jason Hannaman; furthermore, we will expect to see a cancelled check drawn on the personal bank account of Denis Riecke.

At that point, we can legitimately state that Rep. Wright is correct and has demonstrated incompetence in completing a campaign finance report which we justifiably relied upon.  We will expect for this matter to be fully resolved via the aforementioned documentation (most notably that cancelled check drawn on Denis Riecke’s personal bank account) at the February 2019 LSPC meeting.



Almost three years ago, retired Louisiana State Police Trooper Leon “Bucky” Millet initiated complaints against three members of the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) that would ultimately lead to their resignations from the Commission.  Millet contended that the three members engaged in improper political activities by contributing to campaigns of candidates running for public office in Louisiana.

Today, January 10, 2019, Millet repeated history in calling for the “immediate resignations” of three current LSPC members (Chairman Eulis Simien, Jr., Jared Riecke, and Chief Harold Pierite) over the same issue.  He further stated that, absent their voluntary resignations, he “sees no alternative but to have the Governor call a public hearing (for their removals).”  The following video captures Millet voicing his complaint and the reactions of members Simien and Riecke:

Millet reads into the record his complaint against the three (3) LSPC Members and their reactions thereafter.

Political contributions sure do seem to be a hot potato regarding Louisiana State Police.  We have the LSTA’s lawsuit against the LSPC wherein the LSTA asserts as unconstitutional the LSPC’s prohibition of political activities on the part of the LSTA.  That fact notwithstanding, and despite the episodes of three years ago, if Millet’s complaints are well-founded, they apparently somehow believe they have that absolute right (or else perhaps thought they could skirt the provisions through having the contributions made through their companies).  The support documents Millet supplied follow:  Pierite (see pages 4, 5, and 6); Riecke (see page 2); and Siemen (see pages 2 and 4).

At the end of the meeting, Millet proceeded to present yet another complaint, this time against elected members of the Louisiana State Troopers Association entailing the same matter of improper political activities.  Here’s video of his presentation:

 Millet presents his complaint against elected members of the Louisiana State Troopers Association.  He also supplied LSTA complaint support documentation.

Here’s video coverage of LSPC members elaborating upon their plans for dealing with Millet’s complaints:

LSPC Members elaborate on plans for dealing with Millet’s complaints.

Millet’s presentation should make for a more interesting meeting in February, and we’ll be there to cover it for our subscribers!


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