On the eve of Gov. Jindal’s announcement for President, his long-time head of Coastal Restoration, Garret Graves, offers tepid support of his candidacy.

U. S. Congressman Garret Graves


At a meeting of the Baton Rouge Press Club on Monday, June 22, 2015, U. S. Congressman Garret Graves (R-La), who served as Gov. Jindal’s long-time head of Coastal Restoration, offered only very tepid support for Jindal’s impending announcement for President of the United States.  Graves also itemized a list of interim measures to provide traffic relief to Baton Rouge while a long-term solution of another bridge near Plaquemine is pursued.

Congressman Graves responds to question by Robert
Burns regarding his support level for Louisiana Gov. Bobby
 Jindal’s impending announcement for President and
also itemizes interim solutions to Baton Rouge’s traffic problems.
To see the entirety of Congressman Graves’
presentation, CLICK HERE.

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