Sen. Bill Cassidy: “Stephen Street’s a good guy,” — flatly denies any lobbying for President Trump to appoint him as U. S. Attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana.

U. S. Sen. Bill Cassidy

In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns asks U. S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-LA, if he is lobbying President Trump to appoint Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street as the next U. S. Attorney from the Middle District of Louisiana.  His response follows:      


U. S. Sen. Bill Cassidy responds to an inquiry from Sound Off Louisiana’s Robert Burns entailing whether he is actively lobbying for Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street to be appointed as the next U. S. Attorney from the Middle District of Louisiana.  Burns has openly questioned Street’s handling of the cases of U. S. v. Murphy Painter (during which, on the witness stand, Street said he had “no knowledge of the case”) and State of Louisiana v. Corey delaHoussaye (both were dismal failures and unmitigated disasters for Street which have cost — and CONTINUE to cost —  Louisiana taxpayers an absolute fortune in legal defense fees entailing both gentlemen’s civil litigation against Street and his officers, past and present).  Burns also openly questioned Street’s independence from the Governor of Louisiana.  Rather than respond to the question, Street flippantly avoided the question and attempted to belittle Burns, who spent six years as a Federal Government fraud investigator, by referencing him as “Exhibit A.”  The videos on the preceding link SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES entailing Street’s total lack of professionalism and his insecurities; nevertheless, he continued his unprofessional conduct by mistakenly believing Burns sought for a Sound Off Louisiana interviewee, Billy Broussard, to ask a question of Street and placed his face directly within an inch of Burns’ camera and stated:  “That’s my answer for today, Mr. Burns.”


 CLICK HERE for Sound Off Louisiana‘s in-depth interview with FEMA whistleblower Corey delaHoussaye and CLICK HERE to see FEMA attorney Linda Litke reference Street’s prosecution of delaHoussaye asreprehensible.”  That characterization is NOT that of Sound Off Louisiana but of a FEMA attorney defending the agency’s decision to DENY $58 million in FRAUDULENT claims submitted in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav, all of which were identified by Corey delaHoussaye!  CLICK HERE to see Sound Off Louisiana’s feature of Corey delaHoussaye, the day after he sued Inspector General Street, encouraging Louisiana citizens to ask their State Representatives and State Senators to abolish the Inspector General’s Office because it is an office which “serves as a bully of whistleblowers” such as himself!  So, Sen. Cassidy, we at Sound Off Louisiana, in light of the material presented on this page, respectfully emphatically disagree with your characterization of Stephen Street as a “good guy.”

CLICK HERE for Sen. Cassidy’s presentation in its entirety.


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One thought on “Sen. Bill Cassidy: “Stephen Street’s a good guy,” — flatly denies any lobbying for President Trump to appoint him as U. S. Attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana.”

  1. President Trump, if you’re considering Stephen Street as the US Attorney for the Middle District of Louisiana, then Louisiana will never “DRAIN THE SWAMP”!!

    Street is the one who needs to be investigated, look how he has treated whistleblowers in regards to FEMA/GOHSEP Fraud in the past.

    Talk about having the fox guarding the hen house!!

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