Is Gov. Edwards stonewalling investigative report by proxy via his campaign Super PAC Head, T. Taylor Townsend?

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Head of His Super PAC, T. Taylor Townsend


In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns addresses the continued stonewalling of Gov. Edwards’ Super PAC head, T. Taylor Townsend, entailing his obligation to issue an investigative report concerning his findings regarding allegedly illegal campaign contributions into Edwards’ campaign by members of the Louisiana State Trooper’s Association (LSTA):    


Burns briefly reviews LSTA’s allegedly illegal campaign contributions to Edwards’ campaign followed by video footage of the August 10, 2017 meeting of the Louisiana State Police Commission wherein members continue to beg and plead with Edwards’ Super PAC head, T. Taylor Townsend, to fulfill his legal obligation and issue a report of his investigative findings pertaining to the allegedly illegal contributions.

Click Here for July 13, 2017 LSPC discussion of a written report by Townsend.

CLICK HERE for May 9, 2017 LSPC discussion of written report by Townsend.

By the way, at the direct request of several of our subscribers, we have integrated the two most recent Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed “performances” at the East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council meetings into our post of “bad optics” for Gov. Edwards.  CLICK HERE  to see that updated post.


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