Would Sen. Neil Riser, as Louisiana Treasurer, continue a long-standing pattern of Alario cronyism and budget pork?

Louisiana Sen. (and candidate for Louisiana Treasurer) Neil Riser.


Riser listens closely to concerns of a recent campaign function attendee.


Riser mingles with crowd as State Sen. Dan Martiny (middle-top of photo) addresses the crowd.

In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns examines factors which concern him regarding Louisiana Sen. Neil Riser’s campaign for Louisiana Treasurer, and Burns declares whom he is supporting in the upcoming October 14, 2017 election:

Burns expresses his concerns over Riser as potential Louisiana Treasurer and declares whom he supports in the upcoming election.  CLICK HERE for the LSP Ripoff website that tracked Sen. Riser’s “Edmonson Amendment” in the 2014 Louisiana Legislative session, and CLICK HERE to see (in table format) the massive cronyism entailing LSP and State Sen. President John Alario exposed by blogger Tom Aswell three years ago.  CLICK HERE for Sen. Riser’s recent $1,000/plate Ruth’s Chris fundraiser featuring Sen. President John Alario, who actively supports Riser’s campaign.  CLICK HERE to see the $10,000 campaign contribution from Riser’s campaign to New Orleans Leadership Inc. PAC (see full campaign report here — contribution at top of page 20).  That entity is headed by Dwight Jarrett, who serves in the administration of Mitch Landrieu!  Additionally, Jarrett is said to have asked the Louisiana Board of Ethics to forgive $6,000 in fines for the organization (see full article alleging that here).  Jarrett was also sued personally entailing an allegation of THREE WHOLE DAYS of unpaid wages.  CLICK HERE for Kevin Boyd’s Hayride article outlining nearly $40 million in wasteful pork barrel projects in HB-2, much of which entails direct wasteful spending in John Alario’s Senate District, which explains why the money has NEVER been allocated to prioritize construction of a new Mississippi River Bridge near Baton Rouge.  CLICK HERE for Scott McKay’s Hayride article for which Burns asserts McKay is simply putting the “best spin” on Riser’s open pandering to the John Alario and Democratic Machine support to which Riser is appealing in order to try and ensure a runoff spot with the Democratic candidate for Treasurer (thereby sealing victory for Riser in the runoff).


Five-minute video introduction of former State Rep. John Schroder to voters as a candidate for Louisiana Treasurer.


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