Times Picayune develops amnesia of Edmonson Amendment in endorsement of Riser for Louisiana Treasurer.

Louisiana State Sen. (and candidate for Treasurer) Neil Riser


Riser listens closely to concerns of a recent campaign function attendee.

Riser mingles with crowd as State Sen. Dan Martiny (middle-top of photo) addresses the crowd.

In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns calls the New Orleans Times Picayune on the carpet for a case of selective amnesia entailing the Edmonson Amendment in its endorsement of State Sen. Neil Riser for Louisiana Treasurer:

Fox 8’s Lee Zurik had to flush Riser out on authoring the amendment
.  Note that Zurik did so on 7/24/14, which was three days AFTER then Louisiana Rep. (and candidate for Governor) John Bel Edwards admitted on video that he’d been duped (see 5:45 – 5:50 segment of video above) and was calling for an investigation to find out WHO authored the amendment (see 6:48 mark of video above).  That turned out to be none other than Louisiana Senator (and current candidate for Louisiana Treasurer) Neil Riser!!!!!!  Note:  To confirm the dates referenced above and Riser having to be flushed out by Zurik, simply visit Act III and Act IV of the Riser/Jindal Edmonson scandal.  CLICK HERE for an email of August 1, 2014 from C. B. Forgotston to Sound Off Louisiana’s Burns expressing his delight that Burns would videotape and provide  same-day coverage of the LSPRB was to address Riser’s disastrous legislation.


Anyone having flashbacks to Republicans for John Bel Edwards? Turn about is fair play, I guess!!!  



New Orleans Leadership Inc. PAC, to whom Riser contributed $10,000 as noted above is headed by Dwight Jarrett, who serves in the administration of Mitch Landrieu!  Additionally, Jarrett is said to have asked the Louisiana Board of Ethics to forgive $6,000 in fines for the organization (see full article alleging that here).  Jarrett was also sued personally entailing an allegation of THREE DAYS of unpaid wages.

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4 thoughts on “Times Picayune develops amnesia of Edmonson Amendment in endorsement of Riser for Louisiana Treasurer.”

  1. Riser had his head up so far up Jindal’s posterior he likely still has vision problems once he finally removed it after Jindal left the stage. I wouldn’t trust Riser or Jindal to be in charge of a PTA fund for an elementary school class, much less the treasury for Louisiana!

  2. Knowing how much I loved C. B., a friend sent me a link for this feature. God, it was great just to hear C. B.’s voice again. I miss his unique humor. We all know who he would vote for, and it sure wouldn’t be Riser. Though he’s gone, he’s not forgotten in my book. C. B. this Shroder vote (mine), is for you, big guy.

    Thanks, Robert, for giving us a little memory of a great and honorable man!

  3. Thanks. I received a solicitation from Riser recently and it looked impressive. The above facts don’t lie though. Schroder it is for me.

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