Seventy six members of Louisiana House of Representatives (including 11 having Damascus Road Experiences) fall all over themselves to increase sales taxes on Louisiana citizens by $40,000 per hour beginning 7/1/18.

Rep. Lance Harris, sponsor HB-27 , which would raise Louisiana’s sales tax by 1/3 cent and “clean” two cents of existing sales taxes and thereby raise approximately $380 million, or $40,000 PER HOUR from taxpayers!


On Monday, May 28, 2018, 76 members of the Louisiana House of Representatives, including 11 who had “Damascus Road Experiences” and voted for the first time (out of four opportunities in 2018) to increase Louisiana’s sales taxes effective July 1, 2018.  The amount of that increase, using the sponsor of HB-27, Rep. Lance Harris’, own numbers?  Just north of $40,000 per hour!!

A brief lead-up to the vote, some brief commentary by Rep. Harris entailing “Facebook posters” whom he seems to infer need to be “ignored ” as “noise” so that the important people, state lawmakers, can “stay focused on the main thing” are depicted in the following brief video clip


(Editor’s Note:  for those who have asked, an individual close to Rep. Harris has indicated that his commentary depicted in the video below was not directed at our Sunday post.  Rather, it was directed at some folk who apparently engaged in vicious name-calling directed at Rep. Harris personally.  We feel it was a mistake for Rep. Harris to dignify such actions by addressing them on the House floor, but given the number of inquiries we got, we also wanted to make it clear that he’s indicated his commentary was NOT directed at us from the 5/27/18 post.)


Brief video of lead-up to and actual vote by Louisiana House on 5/28/18 on HB-27. Support Link:

No Penny Renewal (FULLY updated with Representatives who voted “yes” on 5/28 highlighted in yellow).



Itemization of Louisiana Representatives having a “Damascus Road Experience” and voting For HB-27 for the FIRST time (out of four opportunities):

(Red = Representative is term-limited and cannot run for re-election in 2019).



Rep. Joseph Bouie, Jr., D-New Orleans
District 97
Phone:  (504) 285-1033  [email protected] 

Rep. Barbara Carpenter D-Baton Rouge
District 63
Phone:  (225) 771-5674  [email protected] 

Rep. Royce Duplesis D-New Orleans
District 93
Phone:  (504) 568-2740  [email protected] 

Rep. A. B. Franklin D-Lake Charles
District 34
Phone:  (337) 491-2320  [email protected] 

Rep. Jimmy Harris, D-New Orleans
District 99
Phone:  (504) 243-1960  [email protected] 

Rep. Kenny Havard, R-Jackson
District 62
Phone:  (225) 634-7470  [email protected] 

Rep. Terry Landry, Sr., D-New Iberia
District 96
Phone:  (337) 373-9380  [email protected] 

Rep. Walt Leger, III D-New Orleans
District 91
Phone:  (504) 556-9970  [email protected] 

Rep. Dustin Miller D-Opelousas
District 40
Phone:  (337) 943-2900  [email protected] 

Rep. Vincent Pierre D-Lafayette
District 44
Phone:  (337) 262-2330  [email protected] 

Rep. Patricia Smith D-Baton Rouge
District 67
Phone:  (225) 342-7106  [email protected] 

Final tally by party affiliation:


February 28, 2018 vote:

Democrat       4
Independent   1
Republican    33

TOTAL        38 (there were 67 “no” votes.)


March 4, 2018 vote:

Democrat      12
Independent   2
Republican    19

TOTAL        33 (there were 70 “no” votes.)


May 25, 2018 vote:

Democrat       21
Independent     3
Republican     40

TOTAL        64 (there were 38 “no” votes.)


May 28, 2018 vote:

Democrat       33
Independent     3
Republican     40

TOTAL        76 (there were 28 “no votes.”)


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