State Rep. Richard Nelson, eyeing potential run for Louisiana Governor, faces a sometimes hostile line of “questioning” at Baton Rouge Press Club on initiatives to eliminate Louisiana’s state income tax.

State Rep. Richard Nelson (R-Mandeville), who was the guest speaker at the Baton Rouge Press Club meeting of Monday, October 3, 2022.

When we published our feature on our taking down of the JBE Fraud website effective September 30, 2022 (it’s now down), toward the end of the article we lamented the fact that we simply aren’t impressed with the prospective field of candidates to replace Edwards in 2023.  We did add, however, that, “there are a few names out there which could change that,” meaning that there are some potential candidates whom we could actively support to be Louisiana’s next Governor.  One of those names is a little-known State Representative from Mandeville by the name of Richard Nelson.

Nelson was the guest speaker at today’s (Monday, October 3, 2022) meeting of the Baton Rouge Press Club, so we were there and wasted little time asking Nelson about a potential 2023 bid for Governor.  Here’s his response::

Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns poses a question of Nelson about a potential 2023 run for Governor.

Some of the other “questions” Nelson had to field not only barely qualified as “questions,” but were, in fact, quite argumentative.  Here are two examples:

Nelson fields a “question” from a BRPC member who seems quite argumentative toward Nelson’s characterization of Texas families having median incomes which are 33% higher than Louisiana’s families and the fact that they live an average of four years longer than Louisiana residents.

Nelson fields a “question” from Remi Delouche, BRPC Member, who takes issue with Nelson’s reference to “Alaska” as a state Louisiana should aspire to emulate and argues, “I just don’t see people moving there left and right.”

Since Nelson is also a member of the Ronald Greene investigative committee in the Louisiana House of Representatives, Burns also asked about his thoughts on some of the Committee’s findings.  Here’s his response:

Nelson responds to Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns’ question about his thoughts of having served (and continuing to serve) on the Ronald Greene investigative committee entailing Louisiana State Police.

CLICK HERE for Nelson’s presentation in its entirety.

The likely consensus of many Louisiana voters at this moment is that Nelson would be a major long shot to become Louisiana’s next Governor.

We’ll only state that everyone said the same thing about Buddy Roemer in 1987 (when he was dead last in every poll before experiencing a near-meteoric rise that prompted even Edwin Washington Edwards to state — when be bowed out on primary night — “Nobody is going to stop this thing,”) and also Mike Foster in 1995, who experienced an identical near-meteoric rise when he made the decision to switch from Democrat to Republican mere months before the election.

All we can say is that, if Richard Nelson does opt to run, that changes everything from our prospective and will make the race for Governor next year MUCH, MUCH more interesting with a candidate we could actively and enthusiastically support, and we simply can’t say the same for the other prospective candidates being mentioned so far in the quest for Louisiana Governor next year.

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One thought on “State Rep. Richard Nelson, eyeing potential run for Louisiana Governor, faces a sometimes hostile line of “questioning” at Baton Rouge Press Club on initiatives to eliminate Louisiana’s state income tax.”

  1. Mr. Nelson running for Governor would be interesting. I met Mr. Roemer when he was running for governor back in the 80’s at a radio station I worked at, he came in for an interview. I thought he was a good guy and I voted for him. Then EWE came roaring back for his final turn to get gambling installed and that was it for Roemer. There is so much wrong with Louisian going back over 100 years to Standard Oil and the refusal to this day t force the oil companies to pay Louisiana a hoinest price for oil and gas removed from our own grounds. We are one of the richest in natural resources and should be one of the richest states and yet we are always listed as one of the poorest. I know why, I just wish it would change. Thanks for all the investigations you do, Sir. It is greatly appreciated.

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