Will JBE and his appointees reverse the “tragedy” Bobby Jindal’s Cosmetology Board appointees bestowed upon instructor Nelda Dural and her school?

Nelda Dural & Gov. John Bel Edwards


Nelda Dural & Vice President Joe Biden


On Thursday, September 8, 2016,  Sound Off Louisiana engaged in an extensive conference call with Ms. Catherine Brindley, Head of the Louisiana Register within the Division of Administration.  Ms. Brindley did not mince her words in saying that the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology (LSBC), in revoking the cosmetology school license of cosmetology instructor Nelda Dural, permitted a “tragedy” to occur.  In the following Sound Off Louisiana feature, Ms. Dural sounds off entailing the LSBC under former Gov. Bobby Jindal, and she openly inquires of current Gov. John Bel Edwards as to whether his appointees are going to overturn the “tragedy” that Ms. Brindley referenced on September 8, 2016:

Dural, with assistance from Burns making a presentation to the LSBC on
October 3, 2016, openly poses the question of Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards
entailing whether he is going to have his own LSBC appointees overturn the
tragedy Ms. Brindley says transpired in former Gov. Bobby Jindal’s appointees
revoking Nelda Dural’s school license.

Supporting Document
(Article) Links:

CLICK HERE for the FULL package provided to EACH of the LSBC Members in the above video.


Page 6 of the document linked above shows the minutes of the April 13, 2015 LSBC meeting during which the LSBC granted an “exception” to the two-instructor STATUTE merely six weeks before seeking to revoke Dural’s license over her nonconformity with the two-instructor mandate.

Page 7 of the document linked above outlines the staggering $43,000 in administrative expenses which the LSBC assessed against Dural as a condition of her license being reinstated.

Regarding our reference in the video about our willingness to compliment Gov. Edwards when appropriate, all anyone has to do is examine our post of praise over his appointment of Rev. Freddie Phillips to the Auctioneer Licensing Board.  We had no way to know that Gov. Edwards would cave to the auction licensees across the state, comprised largely of elderly, white, males who bombarded Edwards with requests for him to rescind his appointment.  Consequently, only 16 days later, Edwards rescinded his appointment of Phillips to that Board.  Phillips is the first and only African American auctioneer in the State of Louisiana!

June 13, 2016:  Public school cosmetology instructor Raynetta Frazier pleads with
the LSBC not to close her school by enforcing the same two-instructor mandate
they used with Dural to close her school in March of 2016.

September 26, 2016:  Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White
is questioned about the friction between the LSBC and public schools and
the two-instructor mandate.

We want to strongly praise Ms. Catherine Brindley.  It is very, very rare to encounter a public servant so willing to take such an adamant stand and be so willing to make that stand public.  We think that speaks volumes as to the recklessness of the LSBC and, without her invaluable knowledge and guidance, this feature would not have been possible!  Furthermore, Ms. Brindley even advised Ms. Dural to file a complaint with the Louisiana Office of Inspector General’s Office over the actions of the LSBC in shutting down Ms. Dural”s school  Immediately upon concluding the conference call with Ms. Brindley and after she readily volunteered that she would be more than happy to work with Inspector General Stephen Street entailing any investigation of the actions of the LSBC, Ms. Dural filed the complaint with the Inspector General’s Office just as Ms. Brindley suggested.  Again, it is very rare to find a public servant of the caliber of Ms. Brindley, and Sound Off Louisiana appreciates very much her assistance in providing the substance of this feature!

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