Obviously seeing right through their sham nature, St. Martin Parish DA Bo Duhe’ declines prosecution of Trooper Lopez’s charges, thus prompting Billy Broussard to re-urge his retaliation claim.

Louisiana State Police Trooper Scott Lopez and his son, Benjamin Cole, show a video to St. Martin Parish Sheriff Deputy Baily Romero on April 25, 2022 upon which Lopez insisted charges be filed against farmer Billy Broussard.  Hours after Broussard contacted District Attorney Bo Duhe’s Office on Wednesday, July 6, 2022 at around 3:00 p.m. and enlightened them on the nature of the charges, Duhe’s Office sent Broussard notice the next day, Thursday, July 7, 2022 that they would be “declining to prosecute” the charges lodged by Trooper Lopez and his son.

Following up on our extensive feature yesterday entailing LSP Trooper Scott Lopez and son filing of “simple assault” and “obstruction of roadway” charges against Billy Broussard, St. Martin Parish District Attorney Bo Duhe’ obviously saw the attempted prosecution by Lopez (with assists from the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office) for what it was.

Accordingly, mere hours after Broussard contacted Duhe’s office to inquire for the first time about the “case,” Duhe’s Office mailed Broussard this letter notifying him that the DA’s Office is declining prosecution of the matter.  Here’s the letter on display:

Broussard visited with us today (July 12, 2022) to address our subscribers and casual site visitors with this latest development in his ongoing battle with Lopez.  Here’s how that went:

7/12/22: Broussard provides a succinct take on District Attorney Bo Duhe’ declining prosecution on Lopez and his son’s allegations against him.

Also, as we indicated near the end of yesterday’s feature, Lt. Douglas in LSP Internal Affairs indicated that LSP could not pursue a retaliation allegation against Lopez while the criminal matter remained active.

Accordingly, Broussard stopped by Lt. Douglas’ office within 30 minutes of making the statements he makes on camera above and left Lt. Douglas with  this very short and succinct letter (along with a copy of the above letter) in which he re-urged his call for an investigation into his retaliation claim against Lopez now that the criminal matter is no longer active.

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