Center for Security Policy’s Holton attributes rise in Antifa to “toxic professors teaching toxic things” to university students.

Christopher Holton, Director of State Outreach at the Center for Security Policy

Christopher Holton, Director of State Outreach at the Center for Security Policy, was the guest speaker at the meeting of the East Baton Rouge Republican Women’s meeting of Thursday, June 25, 2020.  Holton spoke on the topics of Islamic Jihad, “Red” China, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter.  Let’s take a look at what all he had to say:

Holton devotes the smallest amount of time in his presentation, ironically, to the subject matter on which he says is his core expertise, Islamic Jihad.

Communist “Red” China was the topic on which Holton spoke the longest.

Arguably the most intriguing topic on which Holton spoke was Antifa, the proliferation for which Holton attributes to “toxic professors teaching toxic things” to university students.  CLICK HERE for The Hayride feature Holton references he wrote which was published the same day of his presentation.

Holton wraps up his presentation by discussing the Black Lives Matter movement.

After concluding his presentation, Holton took questions from the audience and, for those interested in seeing the questions posed and the responses he gave, we encourage watching that segment by clicking here to watch Holton’s presentation in its entirety.

Having said that, we found one response Holton gave regarding university transparency regarding the accepting of foreign funds by those universities to be especially noteworthy because he referenced his encounters with a then-obscure Louisiana State Legislator by the name of John Bel Edwards.  Here’s video where Holton discusses that interaction, and we believe subscribers will find then-Representative Edwards’ commentary (as relayed via Holton) astounding!:

Holton discusses his interaction with then-obscure State Representative John Bel Edwards regarding a transparency bill requiring universities to reveal sources of foreign contributions.

We found this presentation to be the most informative one we’ve ever covered at Sound Off Louiana, and we hope that many of our subscribers will avail themselves of the ability to gain better insight on the matters Holton discussed by viewing the videos we’ve provided above.

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