Did USA v. Dr. Shiva Akula implode from the opening gate with first witness nurse Shauna Hull testifying she’d “never seen” Exhibit D-32?

Dr. Shiva Akula, whose Federal trial entailing 23 counts of alleged Medicare fraud commenced in the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana in New Orleans on Monday, October 30, 2023.

Sound Off Louisiana subscribers may recall our April 30, 2023 feature entailing USA v. Shiva Akula, who is facing 23 counts of alleged Medicare fraud.

In today’s Sound Off Louisiana feature, founder Robert Burns and community activist Belinda Parker-Brown review the first day of Akula’s trial, which commenced on Monday, October 30, 2023 in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Louisiana in New Orleans, Louisiana:

October 30, 2023:  Burns and Parker-Brown provide overview of Day 1 of USA v. Shiva Akula.

As Burns and Parker-Brown headed for their cars, Burns lamented to Parker-Brown that they’d forgotten to provide the sharp contrast between what the Government claims Akula did regarding corrective action in the aftermath of a 2014 Medicare audit and what Akula claims he did.  Burns indicated that he’d provide that material in the text of this feature, but Parker-Brown convinced Burns to simply produce a quick supplemental video on that matter.  Here’s that video supplement:

October 30, 2023:  Burns provides brief supplement to Day 1 of USA v. Shiva Akula video above.

The remaining days of this trial should prove very intriguing, particularly when witness Kelly Anderson takes the witness stand!

CLICK HERE for the day 1 minute entry by the court.

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3 thoughts on “Did USA v. Dr. Shiva Akula implode from the opening gate with first witness nurse Shauna Hull testifying she’d “never seen” Exhibit D-32?”

  1. To share a quote from one of the highest elected officials in the land “You asked me if they committed fraud. Yes, they committed fraud. That’s why I’m running for…”
    But, there is still time for individuals to make that wrong right. My prayer is that they make the right decision!!
    Open your eyes get your fingers out of your ears, because your fingerprints are all over it.

  2. Having been a former employee of Dr. Shiva Akula, when his personal family is the only ones allowed to do Medicare billing, that is a questionable practice. I worked in the accounting department for Dr Akula, and there were too many incidents of questionable accounting to blindly turn away from I was actually removed from my position for asking too many questions, and placed in the HR department. I have no animosity towards Dr Akula, and I left the company on reasonable terms. But someone needs to ask him why he sent his family back to India when he was indicted (was to keep them from testifying?).

  3. I worked in the accounting dept of Canon Hospice for almost 5 years. The only staff allowed to do Medicare billing was his sister and brother in law. Even though familiar with Medicare and Medicaid billing (having worked both for the past 30 years in other physicians office), I was never allowed to do billing. I was removed from accounting and placed in another position because I asked too many questions about money transactions. Dr Akula and I parted on reasonable terms after I became ill but I was never allowed to work accounting again.

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