Even as President Biden prepares to place spotlight on LSP and Ronald Greene’s death in State of Union Address, LSP Col. Lamar Davis punishes Master Trooper Daniel Fontenot for turning ON his body camera!

On October 22, 2022, attorney Michael Antoon, representing Troop D Master Trooper Daniel Fontenot, prepared to voice his objection to members of the Louisiana State Police Commission (LSPC) for their failure to summarily dismiss LSP Col. Lamar Davis’ discipline of Fontenot for turning ON his body camera.

By now, anyone not living in a cave with no modern communications is aware that Ronald Greene’s mother, Mona Hardin, is an invited guest for President Biden’s State of the Union Address tomorrow (Tuesday, February 7, 2023) evening, and she will be recognized during his address.

Obviously, the spotlight will be placed on Louisiana and the fact that Louisiana State Police (LSP) Troopers acted in a totally irresponsible manner entailing Greene’s death.

What many Louisiana residents and others across the nation may not be aware of, however, is that, even as President Biden places the national spotlight upon Louisiana entailing Greene’s death, LSP Col. Lamar Davis has punished a 20+ year veteran trooper, Daniel Fontenot, for turning ON his body camera!

What we printed above is not a misprint on our part!  So, here we have a disgraced LSP Colonel (Lamar Davis), who shows absolute reckless disregard for public safety in going 92 MPH over a dangerous portion of Louisiana’s Interstate system for which the speed limit is 60 MPH and is notorious for deaths resulting from motorists speeding and, upon him being caught, made matters much, much worse by stating, “Once a trooper has assessed a situation as non-combative, he has the prerogative to turn his body camera off.”

That too is NOT a misprint and, as is obvious by the previous link, it absolutely infuriated us when Davis made that quote!  Any decent Governor should have demanded that Davis make an immediate apology AND, more importantly, retraction for uttering such an absolutely asinine statement!

One former LSP Trooper stated point-blank to us regarding Davis’ quote entailing the body cameras:  “What he was really saying is that, ‘when it’s me, it’s fine to turn your body camera off.'”  The problem in Davis making such an utterly asinine statement is that he has provided a green light for any trooper under his command to blatantly violate LSP’s body-cam policy and merely state, “Col. Davis said that I could!”

We also want to reiterate that we firmly believe that AP reports that Davis went to DA Belton’s Office and lobbied Belton NOT to pursue criminal charges against any LSP Troopers involved in Greene’s death are 100 percent, T-totally accurate!  One person knows for sure, however, and that would be DA Belton.  If Davis engaged in that act (and we believe that he most certainly did), Belton can certainly provide that information to the Feds, no?  It should get interesting to see if Belton does in fact reveal to the Feds any initiative Davis made in that regard because, as we just stated, we firmly believe that he did!  Furthermore, wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony that Belton ignored Davis’ pleas and proceeded forward with criminal charges anyway?

We cannot overemphasize the fact that we have FULL faith and confidence in the Associated Press article contained in the just linked-feature above and its emphatic declaration that Davis did engage in that action of lobbying Belton against filing criminal charges notwithstanding Davis’ public denial of same on camera when Sound Off Louisiana‘s Burns asked Davis point-blank if he had done so, and he indicated, as clearly shown on the video of the above link, that the AP reports are “inaccurate.”

As if all of this isn’t bad enough, we now have the fact that Davis, whom we believe just may be the most incompetent LSP Colonel to ever hold that position, has now disciplined Troop D Master Trooper Daniel Fontenot for turning his body camera ON!!!!  That action by Davis just may constitute one of the most outrageous acts of which we are aware (with the notable exception of former LSP Col. Kevin Reeves’ obvious cover-up actions regarding Ronald Greene’s death, but Davis appears determined to continue Reeves’ initial cover-up actions with as much, if not more, vigor than Reeves did) being done by any LSP Colonel since body cameras came into existence.  From the above-linked documentation:

Please allow this letter to serve as a notice of appeal on behalf of MT Daniel Fontenot as provided for in Commission Rule 13 2. MT Fontenot appeals and complains of the decision of the Department which was made on December 28, 2021 to impose discipline, to-wit:  a twenty-four (24) hour suspension, in the above captioned IA case number.   The subject of the investigation and basis for the decision to discipline MT Fontenot arose from him recoding a conversation that he had with TPR Summer Robertson using his body worn camera (BWC).

MT Fontenot found out that other troopers felt that Tpr. Robertson was ducking crashes, a perception that is corroborated by SIT Anthony Efthemes. Even though MT Fontenot had authority under the LSP Commission Code as a Master Trooper to exercise functional supervision over Tpr. Robertson and to address the issues with her, MT Fontenot took care to ask his supervisor, Sgt. Willis, to intervene.  MT Fontenot recalls that Sgt. Willis communicated that he was not allowed to address the issue with Tpr. Robertson.

The Department incorrectly found that MT Fontenot violated PO 901, Section 4 – Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer. As explained above, Lt. Odom did give an “order” to Sgt. Willis, a supervisor, to not intervene and MT Fontenot was reasonable and correct to interpret it as an order.  Even if he did misinterpret the context, this is not conduct unbecoming. Further,  MT Fontenot was concerned that Tpr. Robertson would have her pride hurt when he counseled her and that she might retaliate by levying false allegations against him. He took prudent steps to document the conversation to protect himself and the department. He correctly determined that policy allowed him to utilize his BWC under these circumstances. She ultimately proved his concerns to be legitimate when she later filed EEOC complaints to retaliate against fellow troopers for holding her accountable for deficient performance on other matters. Regardless, conscientiously evaluating policy and developing a reasonable interpretation that his actions were allowed and appropriate under the circumstances is not conduct unbecoming of an officer but rather the prudent actions of a conscientious officer.

On October 22, 2022, Master Trooper Fontenot, acting through his Lake Charles attorney, Michael Antoon, filed a Motion for the LSPC to summarily dismiss the entire matter.  To us, that would seem nothing more than common sense given the absolute absurdity of this discipline being handed down by what has now become apparent as a full-blown incompetent LSP Colonel in Lamar Davis!  Here is the full video of Antoon making Fontenot’s request of the LSPC on October 22, 2022:

October 22, 2022:  Antoon pleads his case with the LSPC for the matter of LSP v. Daniel Fontenot to be summarily dismissed with a finding in favor of Fontenot without the need for a formal hearing.

One of the reasons this blog is video in nature is because we have extreme difficulty believing people would believe some of the absolute absurdities of some of the LSP matters upon which we report were it not for the fact we supply the proof through public records requests (which are becoming more and more difficult to obtain under this administration), or videos.  The above video is a perfect example of what we mean.  The LSPC meeting was about to move on to the next item on the agenda, but Antoon sought an opportunity to make one final concluding remark about the LSPC’s decision.  Let’s take a look:

October 22, 2022:  Antoon makes formal objection to the ruling by the LSPC entailing Master Trooper Daniel Fontenot.

Now, on October 24, 2022, we made formal public records request for the actual body camera of Fontenot.  One-hundred (100) days later, we received this response from LSP Attorney Gail Holland dated February 1, 2023.  Our request is “denied,” which is understandable given that Fontenot is appealing Col. Davis’ decision.  What’s baffling, however, is that, given that the appeal has been outstanding for well over a year now, why did it take LSP 100 days to issue a simple denial letter?

Now, there is far, far more to this story than what meets the eye!  What do we mean?  Well, as everyone should recall, we published this feature on October 27, 2022 expressing concerns of white male LSP Troopers that Davis is essentially prioritizing race and gender in making promotional decisions to the near-exclusion of white males.  We began a table which we’ve been gradually working on concerning all of the promotions under Davis’ watch, and we’ll produce that table at this time to show its current progress:

Promotional Opportunity and Close DateName, Race, and Gender of Applicant SelectedName(s), Race(s), and Gender(s) of Other Eligibles Not Selected
Sergeant, Troop D (Lake Charles), 8/23/22.Julia Amanda Willis (WF)Daniel Fontenot (WM)
Andrew Leonardo (WM)
Alexander Wiltz (WM)
Brock Moses (WM)

CLICK HERE for promotional summaries.
Major, Statewide, BOI Criminal Investigations Division, April 6, 2022Treone Larvadain (BF)Robert Hodges (WM)
Heath Guillotte (WM)

CLICK HERE for promotional summaries.
Captain, Technical Support Services (Baton Rouge), 12/10/20Aaron Marcelle (BM)John Stelly (WM)
David Stelly (WM)
Adam Albright (WM)
Nicole Kilgore (WF)
Robert Burns (Asian Male)
Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Matt Landry (WM)
Jonas Martin (WM)
Sergeant, Protective Services (Baton Rouge), 12/14/20John Doiron (WM)Christopher Leday (BM)
Damien McAlister (BM)
Joshua Nations (WM)
Sergeant, Troop I (Lafayette), 12/17/20Bobby Falcon (WM)Arnold Hanks (WM)
Christopher Theriot (WM)
Eric Regan (WM)
Jason Flack (WM)
Joseph Miller (WM)
Captain, Technology & Business Support (Baton Rouge), 1/4/21David Stelly (WM)John Stelly (WM)
Adam Albright (WM)
Nicole Kilgore (WF)
Robert Burns (Asian Male)
Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Matt Landry (WM)
Jonas Martin (WM)
Mark Fontenot (WM)
Lieutenant, BOI (Statewide - Insurance Fraud, Auto Theft) , 1/25/21Michael Wilkerson (BM)Lawrence Zeller (WM)
Eric Adams (WM)
Lenias Marie (WM)
Ken Pevoto (WM)
Alan Arcana (WM)
Jesse Brown (WM)
Theodore Chantlin (BM)
Amanda Fournier (WM)
Paul Voitier, IV (WM)
Timothy Duncan (BM)

Lieutenant, BOI, Statewide (Insurance Fraud & Auto Theft), 1/25/21.Arnell Garner (BM)Ralph Onstad, Jr. (WM)
Huey Lee McCartney (WM)
William Bosworth (WM)
Justin Berry (WM)
Lenias Marie (WM)
Kirk J. Thibodeaux (WM)
Jesse Brown (WM)
Jessie Shelton (WM)
Sergeant, BOI (Gaming) Breaux Bridge, St. Martin area, 2/11/21.Paul Dubois (WM)Charity Knoblock (WM)
Jesse La Grange (WM)
Leon Defelice (WM)
Ronald Dawsey (WM)
Todd Christopher McConnell (WM)
Jason Flack (WM)
Timothy Barlow (BM)
Jacob Dickinson (WM)
Christopher Lee Mason (WM)
Sergeant (Patrol), Troop F (Monore), 2/11/21.Justin Stephenson (WM)Steven Painhower (WM)
David Cummings (WM)
Michael Williamson (WM)
Ryan Baker (WM)
James Olmstead (WM)
Robert Roach (WM)
William Woodward (WM)
Ronald Rhone (BM)
Emmanuel Cole DeLaSalle (WM)
Michael Reichardt (WM)
Captain, Baton Rouge (Police Logistical Services), 2/11/21.Nicole Kilgore (WF)John Stelly (WM)
Adam Albright (WM)
Roland Jude Mathews (WM)
Jason G. Jacob (WM)
Robert Burns II (Asian Male)
Lanny Bergeron (WM)
Matt Landry
Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Captain, Public Affairs Recruiting (Baton Rouge), 1/12/21Nick Manale (WM)John Stelly (WM)
Adam Albright (WM)
Robert Burns II (Asian Male)
Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Jonas Martin (WM)
Mark Fontenot (WM)
Lieutenant, Alexandria (Troop E), 1/14/21.Aaron Raines (WM)Justin Bertrand (WM)
Michael Nugent (WM)
Ed Jason Francis (WM)
Amanda Fournier (WF)
John David Jett (WM)
Lieutenant, Alexandria (Troop E), 1/21/21.Amanda Fournier (WF)Justin Bertrand (WM)
Michael Nugent (WM)
Ed Jason Francis (WM)
Aaron Raines (WM)
John David Jett (WM)
Major, Statewide, Bureau of Investigations, Criminal Investigations Division, 1/29/21Jason Turner (WM)William Bradford Cook (WM)
Heath Guillotte (WM)
Robert Hodges (WM)
Trevor Smith (WM)

Sergeant, Criminal Investigations Division, New Orleans Office, 1/21/21.Samuel Boyd (BM)Leander Journee (BM)
Brandon J. Beaudoin (WM)
Burnell Thompson III (BM)
Jeff Argave (WM)
John Martinez (Hispanic M)
Rhonda B. Trapani (WF)
Nicole Barbe (WF)
Russell Brue (WM)
Michael A. Mims (BM)
Sergeant, Criminal Intelligence Division - Insurance Fraud, Bossier City (Troop G), 1/21/21.James David Jernigan (WM)Lawrence Hartsfield (WM)
Jason Flack (WM)
Jullian Anderson (BM)
Glenn Allen Younger (WM)
Lieutenant, Lafayette (Troop I), 1/21/21.David Speyrer (WM)Samuel "Bart" Delino (WM)
Joshua Arvie (BM)
Scott Verret (WM)
LSP Pilot, Alexandria, 1/14/21.Joseph Dessens (WM)William Brady Cook (WM)
Erik Stratton (WM)
Erin Williams (BM)
Lieutenant, Bossier City (Troop G), 1/14/21.George Strickland (WM)Chad Finn (WM)
Hackley Willis (WM)
Paul J. Harris (WM)
Amanda Fournier (WF)
Lieutenant, Baton Rouge (SWAT Supervisor), 4/6/22.Philip Hanks (WM)Jason Lamarca (WM)
Prentiss Bellue (WM)
Emergency Response (TESS) Baton Rouge, Troop A, 2/11/22.Ryan Zimmerman (WM)Ryan Beard (WM)
Jeremy Broussard (WM)
Dylan Doucet (WM)
Ryan Fontenot (WM)
David Hernandez (WM)
Brady Johnson (WM)
Tommy Lea (WM)
Albert Martin (WM)
Ashton McRae (WM)
Timothy Moise (WM)
Derrick Parish (WM)
Jake Patin (WM)
Chad Richard (WM)
Jared Taylor (WM)
Sergeant, Troop B (Kenner), 2/8/22.Brian Melvin (WM)Michael Mims (BM)
Jared Taylor (WM)
Shawn Boyd, Sr. (BM)
Lance Lavigne (BM)
Cameron Crockett (WM)
Tagie Journee (BM)
Andrew Mai (Asian Male)
Sergeant, Monroe - BOI, Criminal Intelligence, 2/7/22.Daniel Grissom (WM)David Cummings (WM)
Ryan Baker (WM)
Nicholas Blake (WM)
Christopher Voinche (WM)
Jonathan Chapman (WM)
Lieutenant, Statewide (Patrol), 2/7/22.James Jefferson (BM)Walter Mire (WM)
Hackley Willis (WM)
Ryan Zimmerman (WM)
Prentiss Belle (WM)
Rhon Bordelon (WM)
Paul Harris (WM)
Sergeant, Troop G (Bossier), 1/26/22Bradley Choate (WM)Sterling Bret Davis (WM)
Justin Morris (WM)
Jayson Linebaugh (WM)
Cody Williams (WM)
Andrew Phillips (WM)
Melvin Massey (WM)
Sergeant, Troop G (Bossier), 1/26/22.Brandon Cobb (WM)Sterling Bret Davis (WM)
Justin Morris (WM)
Jayson Linebaugh (WM)
Cody Williams (WM)
Bradley Choate (WM)
Andrew Phillips (WM)
Melvin Massey (WM)
Lieutenant, Troop E (Alexandria), 1/21/22.Michael Nugent (WM)Ed J. Francis (WM)
Sergeant, Troop F (Monroe), BOI (Insurance Fraud), 1/13/22.Justin Morris (WM)David Cummings (WM)
Lawrence Hartsfield (WM)
Robert Roach (WM)
Kevin Knight (WM)
Captain, Baton Rouge (Crime Lab), 1/11/22.Chad Guidry (WM)Rodney Hyatt (Asian Male)
Lance Kennedy (WM)
Joseph Patout (WM)

Of the promotions listed above (and we still have many more to place in the table as this is a gradual and painstaking process), by FAR, and we do mean BY FAR, the one that garnered the most criticism of Davis was newly-appointed Sergeant Julia Amanda Willis.  We were told of past arrest(s) of Willis and even told what some of those arrests entailed and the fact that LSP top brass knew full well about those prior arrest(s) and promoted her anyway!

Because Sgt. Willis has resided in multiple locations throughout the state, our task to try and substantiate what we were being told was made more difficult.  Nevertheless, we contacted the Grant Parish Clerk of Court (they have no online capability!), and officials there confirmed an arrest but provided few other details aside from the fact the District Attorney permitted her to enroll in the Pre-trial diversion program.  So, we followed the instruction’s on the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office’s website wherein the webpage says “click here for public records requests.”  That link, in turn, USED to take one to a page which has now been removed and instead (test it for yourself!) takes one back to the Sheriff’s homepage.  They’ve got some real computer gurus working at the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office, no?

Trust us, the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office, in sharp contrast to the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office (we’ve repeatedly praised their efforts in bending over backwards to accommodate public records requests), clearly DOES NOT want the public making public records request.  The page for doing so (which now appears to be gone), instructed us that it was mandatory that we had to mail in the request and provided far more specificity to make life difficult.  Nevertheless, we complied with their absurd criteria for making the request.  What did we get back?  We got back this tersely-worded three-page letter from the Metairie law firm of Blue Williams dated October 27, 2022 letting us, in essence, know that they would fight tooth and nail the release of any such records!

So, that’s where we are in terms of LSP and the level of recklessness which is now so pandemic under the “leadership” of Col. Lamar Davis.

Regarding the subject matter of body cameras and law enforcement, the experts with whom we have consulted have stated:  “That body camera should remain active anytime the trooper is interacting with the public to commence upon him (her) exiting the unit until the point at which he (she) has returned to the unit and is leaving the scene.”  Doesn’t that about expressly sum it up?  Too bad we have an LSP Colonel who would give instructions to the contrary and that we’re also stuck with both an LSPC and Governor unwilling to call Davis on the carpet for making such an asinine proclamation and demand a retraction!

Obviously, the public has a healthy distrust of law enforcement, and the body camera is designed both to allay public concerns about police engaging in inappropriate conduct AND to serve to protect the trooper.  Not only is it appropriate for the public to have a healthy distrust of law enforcement, but we believe it is also fully appropriate for a law enforcement official who is also distrustful of his or her work environment to safeguard himself (herself) and LSP (and by virtue thereof, Louisiana taxpayers), and it is truly unfortunate to have an LSP Colonel who is so incompetent that he fails to recognize what, to us at least, ought to be common sense, and further, that we have a useless LSPC comprised of political hacks who equally cannot see the logic why this matter should have been summarily dismissed as being absurd on its face!

Interestingly enough, the next matter on the agenda was the complaint lodged with the LSPC by former prominent attorney Ashton O’Dwyer, which had been heard on June 9, 2022.  Let’s take a look at just how easy it was for the LSPC to summarily dismiss that sucker, shall we?

October 22, 2022:  LSPC has little difficulty summarily dismissing charges lodged by Ashton O’Dwyer which focus on alleged perjury committed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as LSP investigated allegations made by O’Dwyer that he was brutally beaten by LSP Troopers from Troop F soon after the storm devastated New Orleans residents where O’Dwyer resided at the time (he now resides in Houston).

So, let’s sit back and see just what all President Biden has to say tomorrow night about Louisiana LSP operations, Ronald Greene’s death, and Police Reform in general, which is supposed to the focus of Federal Legislation filed to assist in preventing some of the travesties we’ve seen aired as being so widespread when we turn on our nightly news broadcasts.

We could provide plenty of material for Biden to incorporate into his speech where it concerns LSP, but that would likely cause his speech to extend into the wee hours of the following day!

We also commit to cover Fontenot’s appeal before the LSPC, at which time we expect the body cam footage to be played before the members of the Commission, and we’ll capture that footage with our own camera as part of our follow-up to this feature.

If you would like to be added to our Sound Off Louisiana email list to be notified of future posts, simply go to our home page and scroll to the bottom (mobile devices) or to the top of the right-hand column (desktops).  Supply your email address within the subscribe box.  You’ll then receive an automated email from Word Press, and all you have to do is click on the blue “confirm follow” bar contained within that email, and you’ll begin receiving great posts such as the preceding one above.

12 thoughts on “Even as President Biden prepares to place spotlight on LSP and Ronald Greene’s death in State of Union Address, LSP Col. Lamar Davis punishes Master Trooper Daniel Fontenot for turning ON his body camera!”

  1. Just so I can wrap my head around this:

    We have Troopers getting suspended for using body cameras but the colonel tells them to turn them off and John Clary and other troopers around the state received no punishments for turning off cameras.

    Why does the state police have a policy telling troopers cannot mechanically record other troopers without their permission? Louisiana is a one party state and police officers can be recorded within the performance of their duties.

    Why would the commission allow a policy on the books that allows the department to punish troopers for recording the bad behavior of other troopers. We know if their is no recording they would say it never happened. If you speak out they fire you, correct like that other trooper.

    Lastly, and the hardest to follow. The State police is now hiring people with criminal records and then promoting criminals over other candidates who: 1. Have more experience, time on the job, training, and no criminal records? The records in the article said that sergeant was chosen for experience, work, and training but the summary doesn’t show that.

    Because everyday citizens are impacted by these promotions, how would we we not be privy to know who are the people protecting us while receiving our tax revenue? Would the hiring application require the disclosure of these arrests? Can the department withhold that application?

    How is any of this stuff justifiable and where is the commission on this? Is anyone accountable for how they spend our tax dollars?

  2. Mr Highland we should not forget the promotion in New Orleans of the trooper who stole money by falsifying his time sheet on overtime duties.
    Mr Burns, I hope you also cover the issue on Lt Graham on his appeal this week.

    I could say more but I’ll have to wait for my next visit to the gas pump for intel.

  3. Fontenot blatantly misused his BWC. Pull his stats vs Robertson’s stats and you will see who was not ducking crashes. Robertson lead the shifts in stats several if not all years since being on the job. Robertson handled over 30 crashes in one month while I think the closest Trooper might have had 16. At the time Fontenot had an issue with what Robertson was doing. Robertson was doing what a Sgt asked to be done. Fontenot n made several false statements during that conversation which the XO and Capt at the time confirmed. In the conversation Fontenot stated he had earned the right not to have to handle calls or crashes, but thought Robertson should be readily available to do so. All the while he just collected a pay check. If you’re going to tell the story and make accusation in your article, I would suggest you have the whole story and not just one side. Hope people have learned over the past few years, is that you can’t always believe everything you hear/read in the news or online.

    1. I think your facts may be off. I recently retired the city from there and Robertson disobeyed multiple orders from her supervisors, feigns illness constantly, and was written up constantly from not working well with others. She is selfish and untrustworthy. Chief Dixon was very happy she was gone as he was about to fire her for ducking calls, making bad arrests, and being unreliable. Your name says no lies but looks like more lies. As we speak, Robertson has been gone from there for almost two years faking an injury.

      Fontenot is looked upon in a good light. Go ask his supervisors. He has trained me amongst many other officers in the area. He constantly lead his shifts in arrests amongst other things for what other troopers told me. Ms. Robertson on the other hand had a horrible reputation amongst all the departments in the area and amongst her classmates.

  4. Also, Fontenot was later moved off his shift due to issues with him and another Trooper. This also isn’t his first time to be disciplined, he’s not the perfect trooper his attorney is trying to make him out to be. At one time, his unit was taken away from him, for I believe lack of productivity at work (which is not surprising at all. You should really pull the stats). He then proceeded to ride his bicycle to the troop in full uniform to get his unit for his shift.

    1. Another lie. He was moved but it was because the trooper that had an issue was drinking and using drugs on shift. What I was told directly from someone on his shift, was Fontenot did not care for the trooper coming to work drunk. Fontenot reported it to his supervisors and they looked the other way. The drunk trooper had an issue with being called out for operating and patrolling drunk. So Fontenot said if they weren’t going to address the issue he wanted to be moved. Guess what happened to that trooper.


      Sounds like y’all have a supervision issue and no lies please likes to leave out key facts. I couldnt stand Ms. Robertson at the city as she made false claims of harassment against her training officers when we were giving her poor marks and how she would turn off her radio so she wouldn’t have to answer calls. Former chief Dixon and other supervisors at the city told the state police not to hire hire. How many people apply for a job at another department and tells the department they are going to they are not allowed to contact her former employer. The state police didn’t listen and now a good officer is paying the price.

      1. You sir are delusional. What happened between Fontenot and Young did not happen as you were told. Fontenot berated (another action of officer unbecoming) a fellow trooper in front of several others including supervisors thinking Young wasn’t around. (Bet he wasn’t using his BWC to records that) Only for Young to be in the hall. Young was going through a rough time in his life. Fontenot basically kicked a man while he was down in life all because Fontenot was sent to handle a crash. Again over Fontenot having to actually work. Do I think that Young was in the right with what he did. No, absolutely not, but when someone is on a ledge or hanging by a thread, we shouldn’t shove them off the cliff or cut the thread. We should reach out and try to get them help. Did the supervisors try to sweep it under the rug; yes. I can at least agree with you on that. Nothing was ever done about how the supervisor handled that entire situation. Which is another point I can agree with you on is we definitely have a supervisor/leadership problem. Robertson did not file harassment against any co-works because of bad marks. Again you’re delusional on that part. If you didn’t like her that sounds like a personal problem, in fact you never actually worked with her personally. You didn’t just recently retire, you’ve been retired for quiet some time. As for the radio I assure you she wasn’t the only one who forgot to turn her radio on when getting out of her unit or back up when done with a phone call. Numerous officers/troopers have done the same. Several people apply for a job and tell them not to contact their previous employer because as we all know departments like to black ball officers. It’s as simple as that. She was never wrote up repeatedly, for making bad arrests or ducking calls there either. You are obviously buddy buddy with Fontenot. She’s been off for from injuries from a crash she was involved in at work. Workers comp is a bitch. For you to know anything about her medical condition or treatment is a violation of HIPA. So do tell where you get your information. I would like to see your evidence of her faking her injuries at the PD or now. Your “key facts” have nothing to do with the on going situation, but the fact that you have personal issues and what sounds like a vendetta. As far as a good officer; Fontenot’s a lazy officer that doesn’t want to do his job. An officer who thinks he’s earned the right to sit around and do nothing except collect a pay check. Others don’t like him on their shift for that reason. Others don’t like him because he encourages other troopers to not be proactive and be readily available to respond to calls and crashes so he doesn’t have to. When he gets his feelings hurt and doesn’t get his way, he calls in for the next shift or two. He’s known as the butcher and moaner. Supervisors don’t care for him. He’s known for when someone makes him mad, he tries to pit the other troopers against that one person (including supervisors all the way up to the Capt). So this so called good officer paying the price isn’t as good as you and his lawyer is making him out to be.

        1. That’s rich. You are going to throw out personal attacks but didn’t change your last name until you knew it would help you get into the state police. Jennings PD to The city all know about that. How bout all the movie theatre visits and faking a shoulder injury. You got written up for calling in sick and when officers went by the house to check up on you, nobody home. You lied about being sick. You were and are a hot head and not one person at the city nor the State feels safe with you there.
          The general public is very fortunate then that you have been out of the office. Their lives and rights are safer another day. Your co-workers don’t have to worry about picking up your slack. I may have retired but I not totally disconnected from local law enforcement. When you left , the chief said I have never refused to rehire anyone who leaves to better themselves if it doesn’t work out, but there is always a first. That was the sentiment amongst all the officers at the city. Men and woman alike. It was the first time everyone ever agreedd to something. So coming on here to smear good troopers and officers, with the skeletons you have in your closet. How many times you have overcharged subjects and arrested individuals that shouldn’t have been arrested. We all talked about the counseling sessions you were given as you wrecklessly enforced the law.

          Seems like you just are LOVING the drama wherever you go.

          1. Again you have very big delusions. No personal attacks here. Just the facts. Like I said it seems you have a vendetta against Robertson. There were no write ups nor any counseling that you speak of. Glad you still enjoy being involved with that roomer mill.

  5. I wish you were around back when I worked in Welsh under the former Chief. Happy I’m Retired. I Appreciate you standing up for the rank and file that do their jobs with Integrity and to the letter of the law. Odom should have been forced out years ago with all the Chris Guillory crap. Keep on Keeping on!

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