Given former LSP Trooper Albert Paxton’s statement that State Police is a “criminal enterprise,” just how bad does Sen. Foil’s public shutdown of Cain commentary, Gov. Edwards’ downplay of cover-up look?

Louisiana State Police Lt. Colonel and Chief of Staff Doug Cain

On Wednesday, January 12, 2022, WBRZ’s investigative reporter Chris Nakamoto aired perhaps the biggest bombshell feature  to date on the very obvious cover-up LSP engaged in entailing the death of Ronald Greene.  Let’s take a look:

1/12/22 Nakamoto feature.

Given the damning material presented by Nakamoto entailing LSP Lt. Col. and Chief of Staff, Doug Cain, we can only ask just how bad it looks for Sen. Franklin Foil (R-Baton Rouge) to shut down the commentary of Carl Brown regarding Cain.  Brown’s testimony, which slammed Doug Cain, was assessed by Sen. Foil, who is the Chairman of a Senate Oversight Committee on LSP, as being “too personal.”

Foil also stressed that Brown should confine his testimony to facts!  We can only assume Foil felt Brown was not being factual in his testimony!  Perhaps, however, Brown, or at least his sources of information, simply know much more than Foil!

At any rate, given the Nakamoto feature above, Foil may want to reassess his shutdown and condemnation of Brown.  Here is that brief video for everyone’s review regarding Foil’s shutdown:

12/16/21:  Sen. Franklin Foil (R-Baton Rouge) shuts down Carl Brown’s commentary on LSP Chief of Staff Doug Cain.

For that matter, given Nakamoto’s bombshell feature above, which lays bare the magnitude of the LSP cover-up of Greene’s death, just how bad does the following commentary on the part of Gov. John Bel Edwards look?:

9/15/21:  Gov. Edwards’ interview downplaying any potential LSP cover-up entailing Ronald Greene’s death.  His comments were first reported upon by the Louisiana Illuminator after that publication heard them on Radio talk show host Jim Engster’s 9/15/21 “Ask the Governor” feature.

Perhaps Gov. Edwards may wish to evaluate whether all the talk of an LSP  cover-up is really just “media hype!”

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One thought on “Given former LSP Trooper Albert Paxton’s statement that State Police is a “criminal enterprise,” just how bad does Sen. Foil’s public shutdown of Cain commentary, Gov. Edwards’ downplay of cover-up look?”

  1. the people that are trying to clean up the state police are just too wimpy…they are scared to death of telling the truth but they want someone else to tell the truth….the people that want the lsp cleaned up are scared to be candid and terse and want to be nice in telling what they want and to be absolutely blunt in telling what they want….that is why nothing gets done…just as foil did and the man reading the document to him and the rest of the jokers in that room was being to nice by using a lot of words …..quit using too many nice words …get after it and do it bluntly and leave no question as to what you want and as to foil he is has been living in the trough for too many years and he has no idea about being an honest person when it comes to protecting his guardian(s)….this is the reason that the average guy not known to the politicians should be on these boards….not politicians and trough dwellers and not people that owe the governor anything

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