Jim Dandy…….errrrr……..Jill Craft to the rescue! Enrolls as counsel in LSP Trooper Carl Cavalier’s whistleblower lawsuit.

Former Louisiana State Police Trooper Carl Cavalier

We want to begin this feature by stating that we have experienced an increase in subscribership in the last 30 days that exceeds that of any other similar timeframe since this blog was formed in mid 2015.  We want to welcome all of our new subscribers, and we hope you’ll find our features to be intriguing.

For the benefit of the newer subscribers, we first  revealed on June 10, 2021 the fact that former Louisiana State Police (LSP) Trooper Carl Cavalier authored a book entitled “Nigger with a badge”.  We intentionally didn’t place the spotlight on Cavalier’s book because, at that point, it was not in distribution and sources indicated that LSP upper brass was determined to ascertain who wrote the book.  From that feature:

5.  (New revelation by Sound Off Louisiana).  Several LSP sources have informed us that LSP’s upper brass is not pleased at all with the upcoming release of a book entitled, “Nigger with a badge.”  We have already pre-ordered a copy.  Sources tell us that LSP is suspicious that an active trooper wrote the book and that LSP is “going after him” as a result.  We’ll certainly report on the book’s contents upon our own reading of it.

Thereafter, Cavalier did what no other trooper has ever done in being willing to go public in letting everyone know that he was the source providing much of the material to the press entailing the obvious cover-up by LSP entailing the death of Ronald Greene.  Let’s take just a quick peek at a 24-second segment of a January 12, 2022 feature by WBRZ investigative reporter Chris Nakamoto entailing the interactions between Cavalier and the lead investigator of the Greene arrest, Albert Paxton (who recently retired from LSP in frustration at LSP’s targeting of him and Cavalier):

24-second segment of a January 12, 2022 feature by WBRZ investigative reporter Chris Nakamoto.

In our October 13, 2021 feature on Cavalier, we indicated that Cavalier’s appeal of LSP Col. Lamar Davis’ decision to terminate him should necessitate a different venue for his appeal hearing.  We fully expect tons of media representatives to be present for that appeal hearing.  We also revealed the fact that Cavalier filed this pro se lawsuit against LSP on September 20, 2021.  We want to devote the remainder of this post to updating our subscribers on the activity in that suit since its filing:

1.  November 10, 2021:  LSP files this motion to transfer the litigation to Federal Court for the Middle District of Louisiana.

2.  December 9, 2021:  Attorney Jill Craft files this Motion to Enroll as Cavalier’s Counsel.

3.  December 31, 2021:  LSP files this motion to dismiss Cavalier’s claim.  From the motion:

Plaintiff, Carl Cavalier (“Plaintiff”), claims that during his employment with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections (Office of State Police) (hereafter referred to as “DPSC/LSP”), he was transferred, harassed, suspended and demoted because of his race and whistleblowing activities.

Prior to removal to federal court, Plaintiff filed an amended petition in which he added a First Amendment retaliation claim under 42 U.S.C. § 1983.

Plaintiff did not satisfy the service requirements for DPSC/LSP under LSA-R.S. 39:1538(D) within the time delays provided for in FED.R.CIV.P. 4(m) and therefore, this Court may lack jurisdiction over DPSC/LSP.  Moreover, Plaintiff fails to state claims under Sections 1981 and 1983. Consequently, his claims against DPSC/LSP should be dismissed.

4.  January 13, 2022:  Craft files this status report on Cavalier’s litigation.  From the report:

Although plaintiff alleges he timely filed Charge of Discrimination regarding his claims for Title VII retaliation against defendant DPSC, he has not yet received his Notice of Right to Sue and, accordingly, reserves his right to pursue that claim at a later time.

Mr. Cavalier contends he is a whistle-blower and, as a result, was harassed, punished, suspended, and as of this writing, now terminated from his employment. Mr. Cavalier contends he reported, opposed, and complained about, including writing a book, unlawful discrimination under Louisiana law in the workplace, illegal use of force, and cover up of unlawful activity, including as it relates to the death of Ronald Greene. Mr. Cavalier also exercised his right of 1st Amendment speech by speaking to the media and speaking critically about these matters of prominent public concern. He contends as a result of his protected activities, he was subjected to 1st Amendment retaliation by defendant Davis and for which he seeks relief against defendant Davis under 42 U.S.C. §1983. He contends he was subjected to unlawful reprisal, in violation of La. R.S. 23:967, by his employer, DPSC for which he sues defendant DPSC herein.

DPSC/LSP maintains that there were legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons for Cavalier’s release from employment and specifically denies that Plaintiff was subjected to adverse employment action due to his race or in retaliation for “whistleblower” activities. Furthermore, all disciplinary actions were warranted due to the Plaintiff’s violation of DPSC/LSP policy and procedures.

It certainly appears the chaos at LSP is destined to continue for quite some time to come!

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