Gov. Edwards appoints twice-charged DWI offender Terrence Lockett, who was also sued by the Louisiana State Board of Ethics, to Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board.

Terrence Lockett, Auctioneer Board appointee of Gov. John Bel Edwards, who was appointed three days before Edwards removed Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, Louisiana’s first and only African American auctioneer, from that same board.


Long-time Sound Off Louisiana subscribers may recall our feature on Gov. Edwards’ controversial removal of Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips from the Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB).  In removing Phillips (with no cause whatsoever and only twenty days after having appointed him), Edwards totally caved to extensive pressure from within the Louisiana auctioneer “good ‘ole boy” network.


Because Rev. Phillips is the only African American auctioneer in Louisiana’s history, for obvious reasons, Gov. Edwards was concerned about the negative perception that may arise in the African American community from his action of removing (without ANY cause WHATSOEVER) Phillips.


In order to mitigate any such negative perception, Edwards opted to appoint an African American to one of the two “consumer” member positions on the LALB, which is comprised of five auctioneer positions and two “consumer” positions.  Accordingly, he announced Terrence Lockett’s appointment only three days prior to informing Rev. Phillips that he had removed him from the LALB.


In the following video, Sound Off Louisaina founder Robert Burns examines Lockett’s background and his problematic actions, which apparently Gov. “Honor Code” deemed irrelevant in naming Lockett to the LALB:


Burns examines Lockett’s appointment.  Support documents/links:
1.  Email exchange of 5/3/16 between Ellen Palmintier and LALB Chairman Jacob Warren (Amite, LA) making it clear the # 1 objective is that no David Vitter supporter be named to the Board.

2.  Jacob Brown, son of convicted felon Cecil Brown is quietly removed from LALB for failing to pay consignors and failing to tender marketable title to bidders at his auctions.  (Note:  See far more detail on
Brown’s problematic activities here.

3.  Feature on Federal Judge Shelly Dick having stated LALB Member Jeff Henderson’s father, Marvin, likely committed fraud.
(Note:  See Judge Dick’s actual ruling here.)

The above appointment by Gov. Edwards constitutes yet another entry on our JBE Fraud website.




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