Gov. Edwards indicates he “has no problem” with Louisiana’s $50,000 jury trial threshold, so will Republican legislators have the guts to override a veto of a bill substantially lowering it?

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards as he takes a question on the $50,000 jury trial threshold from Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns at the Baton Rouge Press Club meeting of Monday, March 2, 2020.


Last week, we reminded our subscribers of Gov. Edwards’ stand on Louisiana’s $50,000 civil jury trial threshold.  We did so knowing that Gov. Edwards would be the guest at today’s Baton Rouge Press Club (BRPC) meeting and we’d have the opportunity to ask him if his sentiments have changed.  At only 98 seconds, the video is short (especially by Sound Off Louisiana standards), so let’s take a look both at his historical statement and his current stand on that $50,000 threshold:

Sound Off Louisiana’s Robert Burns reminds Gov. Edwards of his stand on the $50,000 jury trial threshold from 4 1/2 years ago and asks him if his sentiments have changed.

As is obvious from the video, Gov. Edwards, though being somewhat vague and leaving a tad of wiggle room, really makes no secret of the fact he is virtually certain to veto any bill that substantially lowers the jury trial threshold.  Therefore, our advice to Republican legislators, who heard from voters across this state loud and clear in the 2019 elections that they are fed up with Louisiana’s judicial hell hole and its implications on their insurance rates, is to show some guts and get set to override Edwards’ veto!

For those legislators who are inclined to fail to override his veto, we’ll have a webpage specifically established (with photos) outlining exactly which Republicans lacked such conviction.  In fact, we are so supremely confident that Gov. Edwards will veto tort reform that we’ve already created a webpage to hold Republicans who fail to support an override of his veto accountable.

We even used one state representative whom we see as highly likely to vote “no” on an override as the guinea pig for the page (subscribers are invited to click on the preceding link to reveal the identity of said legislator).  If our guinea pig legislator opts to support an override of Gov. Edwards, we’ll be more than  happy to remove the entry as well as issue a public apology for our misguided prediction!

The bottom line, however, is that we are going to strive to make it easier for voters in those Republicans’ districts to be aware of their stand supporting the current out-of-control judicial system in Louisiana!

To see Gov. Edwards’ presentation in its entirety (including his plans to actively support diversionary legislation authored by Sen. Jay Luneau, D-Alexandria, which is the trial-lawyer backed initiatives to “reduce insurance premiums,”) CLICK HERE.  Note:  Edwards references Luneau’s legislation at the 14 minute mark of the video.

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One thought on “Gov. Edwards indicates he “has no problem” with Louisiana’s $50,000 jury trial threshold, so will Republican legislators have the guts to override a veto of a bill substantially lowering it?”

  1. Some thoughts:
    Classical economics and empirical feedback demonstrate that state-required insurance increases prices. We experienced that with Obamacare but so-called “conservatives” require mandated auto insurance. Go figure.
    Ever read an insurance policy? A book by a German Marxist professor has more clarity.
    Ever have someone with a gun and badge tell you that you have to buy a product you don’t want and then the seller of the product takes your money and refuses to perform the service you purchased? Any believer in God or anyone who maintains they are conservative should violently oppose such socialist redistributionist state action which repudiates the sanctity of contract and responsibility. Except of course in Louisiana when that socialist redistributionist undertaking is called “insurance.”
    And let us get real, anyone who says state action will lower insurance rates is a liar. State interference in the market place always backfires. Just ask Emperor Diocletian. Or Richard Nixon. Or any economist who is not some Keynesian socialist twit.
    Face up to facts, the insurance industry is a Progressive wetdream, working hand in hand with the State to regulate out of existence competitors and in turn prop up parasitical politicians with campaign largesse.

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