Is Attorney General Jeff Landry set to deliver yet another knock-out courtroom punch to Gov. Edwards on Monday regarding Edwards’ efforts to cram convicted felon Larry S. Bankston down the taxpayers’ throat on the Contractor Board?

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UPDATE (5/7/18):

Upon joint motion of both parties, this matter was continued (delayed) without a specified date for a rescheduled hearing.


First, welcome to the newcomers to the Sound Off Louisiana blog from the last few weeks!  Those who have been subscribers for at least a few months will recall our February 7 feature entailing Gov. Edwards’ efforts to cram the services of Larry Bankston down taxpayers’ throats.


Bankston sued Attorney General Jeff Landry after Landry declined to renew his legal contract with the Louisiana State Board of Contractors.  Initially, Bankston sought an injunction forcing Landry to provide written reasons for declining to renew the contract.  When Landry readily supplied a letter with those reasons, Bankston amended the lawsuit to become a Writ of Mandamus seeking to force Landry to approve his contract.


In today’s Sound Off feature, founder Robert Burns updates the status of that litigation and also provides an update to our March 17 feature entailing Nathan Cain, former Warden at the Avoyelles Correctional Center, and his efforts to have all of the evidence gathered via a search warrant obtained and executed by Inspector General Stephen Street’s Office suppressed by challenging whether that agency even has search warrant authority:

Burns updates status of Bankston v. Landry and U. S. v. Nathan Cain.  
for Landry’s answer and memorandum in its entirety.  CLICK HERE for the “damaging attention on a National scale” Landry references within the memorandum regarding Bankston.  CLICK HERE  for Judge Drell’s most recent order in the Nate Cain Federal criminal charge.  CLICK HERE to read the memorandum Cain’s attorney, John McLindon, filed in response to Judge Drell’s order.  CLICK HERE for the U. S. Attorney’s memorandum in response to Judge Drell’s order.  CLICK HERE to see the magistrate’s judge’s recommendation that the Court find that Nate Cain does NOT have standing to challenge the search warrant.






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