Jury takes just over an hour to return the big “goose egg” verdict to Brette Tingle in his civil litigation against ATC and its former Commissioner, Tory Hebert.

Louisiana State Fire Marshall Inspector Lorre Claiborne and her boyfriend, BRPD Chief Murphy Paul.  Claiborne testified on Friday August 3, 2018 in Federal Court that she “would not hesitiate” to recommend to Paul the hiring of Brette Tingle as a police officer.

Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns provides this special feature of the jury’s decision on Brett Tingle v. ATC and its former Commissioner, Troy Hebert:

Burns provides commentary on attorney J. Arthur Smith, III’s cross examination of the defense’s final witness, his closing arguments, and the jury’s verdict.

We received a little “present” in our email account comprised of photos of Louisiana Fire Marshall Inspector Lorre Claiborne and her boyfriend, Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul, to whom Claiborne had no qualms recommending the hiring of Brette Tingle as a BRPD police officer (perhaps a check of your own “common sense” is in order, Ms. Claiborne?).  Accordingly, we provide our subscribers with one of them as the featured image for today’s post as an added bit of lagniappe.

Also as mentioned on the video, anyone who may wish to see Louisiana Gaming Control Commission Chairman Ronnie Jones’ presentation to the Baton Rouge Press Club today is welcome to CLICK HERE.

Finally and, again, as mentioned in the video, we’ll be in Monroe on Thursday to film the Louisiana State Police Commission’s decision on the “LSP Vegas Crew.”  Subscribers are welcome to see Burns’ prediction of the outcome of that hearing.


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3 thoughts on “Jury takes just over an hour to return the big “goose egg” verdict to Brette Tingle in his civil litigation against ATC and its former Commissioner, Tory Hebert.”

  1. Two cases of clear and evident racist individuals and you want to endorse one and hold the other one to the fire. You sir are guilty of the same bias and ignorance that you spoke of on your previous video. I’m almost certain that you have never been a recipient of racism though! And by the way, Troy Hebert had a similar agenda to the former governor.

    1. Thank you for commenting, Mr. Walters, because, as you can tell, few people ever do on my blog posts. Regarding your statement of “two cases of clear and evident racist individuals,” I waited very patiently for Mr. Gilmore to cite examples of how he was treated differently than white employees, and he would only keep reiterating how he “didn’t have time” to explain it all to the jury. Well, I gave up six days of my life for such an explanation, and all I got was: #1) how he received similar treatment to many of the white staffers (one of whom was given only two DAYS notice of a transfer whereas Mr. Gilmore was provided with two WEEKS of notice), #2) his repetitive statements that “Brette Tingle TOLD me Troy Hebert had it in for me,” and #3) Mr. Gilmore being easily manipulated by Tingle to purport to Hebert that “he was happy beyond words at being transferred to Ruston and it’s the best thing you could have ever done” only to then be angry that, since Gilmore was so happy, Hebert, acting upon those sentiments, accommodated and made the transfer permanent! Now, Gilmore did say, “Mr. Hebert is the most racist individual I’ve ever met in my life.” He also (though I didn’t even mention this in any video) stated that he (Gilmore) was raised in Zachary, Louisiana and that “anybody knows the rampant racism that dominates that city.” Well, Mr. Walters, to substantiate discrimination, one must demonstrate in court that one has been treated differently than other employees of a different race. Given all the white employees who readily admitted on the witness stand that they received harsh treatment by Hebert that was stricter than Gilmore, on that count Gilmore failed miserably in court. If you have reason to doubt what I have indicated on any video or posted on this comment, I welcome you to go to http://www.wordpress.com and form your own blog and demonstrate your evidence that I am off base. I was a fraud investigator for the Federal government for six years and, to prevail in court, one must have EVIDENCE and not mere statements of “I don’t have time to explain to this jury all the ways Troy Hebert had it in for me,” and “Troy Hebert is the most racist individual I’ve ever met in my life!” Again, thank you for taking the time to comment, Mr. Walters.

    2. Mr. Walters:

      I want to make sure credit is given where credit is due. I just read over more of my notes from the trial. You are the former ATC agent in Ruston who was terminated during your probationary period for driving around with evidence (marijuana) in the glove compartment of your ATC vehicle, correct? I wrote down that Charles Gilmore stated: “The evidence should have been stored in the locker and not in the vehicle, but it’s just not that big of a deal.” Feel free to elaborate if you’d like as a reply if you would like, Mr. Walters!

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