Farmer Billy Broussard files second complaint against LSP Trooper Lopez concerning claims of “illegal acts” voiced at public meeting; Sen. Boudreaux commits to confer with LSP Col. Davis on complaint.

Louisiana State Trooper Scott Lopez, appearing before the St. Martin Parish Government Planning and Zoning Committee on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

Everyone will recall that we published this feature entailing a complaint filed by farmer Billy Broussard against LSP Trooper Scott Lopez on November 21, 2021.

On Monday, January 24, 2022, Broussard filed a second complaint against Lopez in which he alleges that Lopez repeatedly falsely accused him of illegal acts at a public meeting of the St. Martin Parish Government Planning and Zoning Committee on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

We were at that meeting, and we videotaped Lopez’s remarks to the Committee, and we’re prepared to present his performance at this time:

1/6/22 meeting of the St. Martin Parish Government Planning and Zoning Committee during which Broussard alleges Lopez repeatedly falsely accused him of “illegal acts.”

Let us emphasize the conclusion of Broussard’s second complaint:

I want to conclude this complaint by stating that, on July 8, 2021, the Louisiana State Police Commission considered the appeal of Trooper William R. Woodward Ill after he was suspended for 24 hours for sending out a tweet of, “what county (sic) in Africa are you from?” Col. Lamar Davis testified at that meeting, upon being questioned by Trooper Woodward as to whether Davis knew if Woodward was “on or off duty,” and Col. Davis responded that, “according to policy is (sic) does not matter.” Col. Davis clearly felt that tweet constituted conduct unbecoming of a Louisiana State Police Trooper, and I submit that Trooper Lopez’s actions of January 6, 2022 are even more egregious than those of Trooper Woodward because his actions were at a public meeting at which EVERYONE in the room knew who he is and the position he holds and further because his commentary was directed at a private citizen (me).

The reference Broussard makes to Col. Davis indicating that LSP Policy doesn’t distinguish between being on-duty or off-duty when it concerns acts to be evaluated for conduct unbecoming can be heard in this brief 25-second audio clip:

7/8/21:  LSP Col. Lamar Davis states that, when it comes to conduct unbecoming, it matters not whether a trooper is on-duty or off-duty.

The above audio clip by LSP Col. Davis would seem to render moot Lopez’s declaration at the 15:22 mark of the video above wherein he indicates, “Just for the record, I’m here as a concerned resident.  Thank you.” Apparently, Lopez felt that simple disclosure permitted him to do and say anything he wanted at that meeting, and it will be interesting to see if LSP “has his back” in that regard or whether he faces discipline entailing this second complaint Broussard has now filed against him.

Finally, Broussard testified before the Louisiana Senate Select Committee on LSP Oversight at its meeting of Monday, January 24, 2022, and he obtained the strong and emphatic support of Senator Gerald Boudreaux (D-Lafayette) as evidenced by the following short video of Broussard’s testimony:

Broussard testifies before LSP Senate Oversight Committee on Monday, January 24, 2022.

Sen. Foil invited Broussard to supply his one-page testimony about Trooper Lopez to the Committee members, and Broussard opted to do so.  Anyone is welcome to read Broussard’s planned testimony provided to the Committee members by CLICKING HERE.

As always, we will continue to follow developments and alert our subscribers and site visitors as further developments unfold.  Here are links for previous features on Broussard’s saga:

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ADDENDUM:  CLICK HERE for a feature published on February 22, 2022.


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13 thoughts on “Farmer Billy Broussard files second complaint against LSP Trooper Lopez concerning claims of “illegal acts” voiced at public meeting; Sen. Boudreaux commits to confer with LSP Col. Davis on complaint.”

  1. This is so bogus! It’s just a vendetta against a Great Man and state trooper. He has every right to voice his opinion as a concerned citizen for his family and their future. I’m the WITCH that stirred yp the hornets nest NOT Scott Lopez or the Dubroc’s. But, you FAIL to publicize the crap that Billy Broussard is doing behind the community’s back and now they are woke up and paying attention. So for now, get all your facts and both sides of the story instead of 1!

    1. If you want to take so much credit, why didn’t you step up to the plate and identify yourself rather than making an anonymous comment?

      1. 1st off Mr. Broussard, you have MY name, number, address and what I drive. I do not need to put that information PUBLICLY on this junk. 2nd, why don’t you and your friend post the ENTIRE meeting instead of just the part singling out Mr. Lopez? Oh wait, you don’t want to show the TRUTH.

  2. Nobody else made public comment who was in a governmental capacity. Troper Lopez is definitely a law enforcement officer / peacemaker, and nobody disputes that he is in that capacity. What are your credentials?

  3. It’s amazing how this political mess takes the focus off Big Money messing up our neighborhood and focuses instead on Law Enforcement that actually lives in our Neighborhood!!! Typical Politics And Billy Broussard Continues To Dump His Tree Service & Demolition Debris On His Property Before Manipulating Government Into An Ordinance Variance. Sheer Arrogance By Big Money Trying To Disguise The Real Issue With Politics And Race Card Playing…… St Martin Parish Government Should Be Ashamed…. Not Scott Lopez!!!!

    1. For the record, St. Martin Parish Government has inspected my property. They continued to allow me to operate my farm. It was not until Trooper Scott Lopez illegally pulled over one of my trucks because he did not want me going down his road did all this get started. Anyone watching the videos can clearly see that Trooper Lopez is the aggressor. No one can start crying now that he’s the victim. Apparently you’re not familiar with my farm or you’re lying to yourself because I have done so much work beautifying this property and no one can prove anything different, not even Pork Salad Annie (the anonymous witch) with her voodoo!! When this is all said and done the Broussards will continue to be good neighbors as we have always been.

      1. “Pork Salad Annie” is that all you got! Lol…. why don’t you go rewatch the entire video and see what a spectacle you have made of yourself to this neighborhood. A “farm” no sir… a dumping ground for your tree service debris so you don’t have to pay a regulated landfill. Let’s talk facts here. You are just trying to manipulate our little community and we are standing our grounds. This by far is NOT OVER! And Mr. Lopez (the citizen) is and amazing person, neighbor and friend. This all started because you got butt hurt over your driver illegally passing your company truck on OUR ROAD! And again Mr. Broussard, you have my number if you want to discuss more. See you in court.

        1. You have to admit Pork Salad Annie is a good name for an anonymous witch. LOL
          You may want to take the time and ask Trooper Lopez that he or no one else can stop me from going to my property!!
          Now with all due respect I do not want to call you Pork Salad Annie so what is your name?

          Also, I encourage you to call LSP Troop I and ask them if I am violating any roadway law in going to my property with any sized truck?

          Furthermore, why have none of my trucks been stopped by any law enforcement agency if if fact your contention that I have been acting “illegally” is true?

  4. Im so glad to see Billy Broussard is commenting back because I’ve been wanting to ask him this question: how can you as a MAN with a family stand in front of 50 plus community members and the council and lie thought your teeth. You just care more about saving money for yourself with no care for the well being or health of anyone in this community. You should’ve apologized to everyone after that meeting for having to watch you stand up there and lie the way you did. Im embarrassed my family had to watch your performance up there. You are what’s wrong with wealthy America, putting profit above people’s health and lives. And if you are so happy to be apart of this community you wouldn’t be going after one of the people who keeps it safe. And I bet you won’t post the video of you standing in front of the council giving your statements.

  5. wow ok billy you are acting like we are in grade school with the name calling and insults. you say you want to be a good neighbor but the fact is you DO NOT live in OUR neighborhood at all . you live in a nice house with some nice clean property in Breaux Bridge with NO equipment NO trucks NO tress . you say you are just trying to be like us in the neighborhood the fact if that is we do not sell our animals ,we do not eat our animals they are our pets /our kids . you can’t say anything about it bc you don’t live in our neighborhood. I bet if you had your nice house on the property you would not want all the dumping there nor your equipment messing up your road ! you say he harassed you and your drivers but what about your driver running mom off road where a big truck should not even be passing or what about my dad the other day your workers threatening him while they were dumping in your CANYON aka dirt pit ! We are not the same WE live in this neighborhood you got this property to fill these CANYON with your debris from your tree service. Scott is not harassing anyone simply inforcing the law bc there are signs on the road no big trucks allowed ! if I could download video to this stupid worthless page you and the owner of this seem to throw yall weight around on I would show proof of it all ! stop being bullies bc no one is scared of you 😎 #porksaladbilly #nodumponduchamp ✌

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