Louisiana Treasurer candidate John Schroder: “Capital outlay funding process is corrupt and constitutes blackmail.”

Former Louisiana Rep. (and candidate for Louisiana Treasurer) John Schroder

At the meeting of the Baton Rouge Press Club (BRPC) of Monday, September 25, 2017, John Schroder, candidate for Louisiana Treasurer, in addressing a member’s hostile question that he answer “yes or no” on whether he opposes higher gas and sales taxes to fund Louisiana road improvements, countered that the question is not “yes or no” because the funding mechanism for HB-2, Louisiana’s Captial Outlay bill, is “corrupt and constitutes blackmail.”:


Schroder addresses question of whether he opposes a gas or sales tax for Louisiana roads “yes or no!!” Perhaps it’s the corruption and blackmail that led to this Hayride article identifying nearly $40 million in HB-2 pork that managed to get funded at a time Louisiana is said to be so “broke.”

Meanwhile, Advocate reporter Elizabeth Crisp repeatedly looked straight at Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns and, for 21 minutes, steadfastly refused him the opportunity to pose a question of the panel of the three Republicans in the race (no explanation was provided at all for why Democratic candidate Derrick Edwards was not present even though he was invited).  Accordingly, Burns addressed that issue to an empty room mere minutes after the meeting:

Burns calls out Crisp and The Baton Rouge Press Club for engaging in “censorship” and welcomes them to “terminate my membership” for his outspoken statements in that regard.


This actually turned out to be the second week in a row in which Burns has called out a member of the BRPC in a public manner.  Last week, after WRKF (public radio)’s Sue Lincoln stated in the presence of WAFB reporter Kevin Frey and his cameraman that Burns “makes things up and presents it as investigative journalism, which it is not,” Burns sent this email to Lincoln (copied to everyone contained within the body of the email and tons of other folk) to afford Ms. Lincoln the opportunity to hit “reply to all” and provide substantiation of her contention.  As of the date of this feature, Lincoln has declined to respond to the email in any way.  Perhaps when she made that statement of Burns she was “making things up.”

CLICK HERE to see the forum in its entirety.  During it, at the 21:26 mark, Mr. W. T. Winfield, former EBRP City Councilman and former member of the EBRP School Board, also calls Crisp on the carpet for her apparent “trouble looking to this side of the room,” after which he posed his question notwithstanding the fact Crisp had declined to recognize or call upon him previously.  We at Sound Off Louisiana salute Mr. Winfield’s stand to confront Crisp on her censorship and push his question forward!


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