PSC Candidate Whitney: “I’m the only Republican candidate that did not vote for, support, or endorse our current Governor, John Bel Edwards.”

PSC Candidate Lenar Whitney, R-Houma


At the meeting of the Baton Rouge Press Club of Monday, October 2, 2017, Republican candidate for Public Service District Two, Lenar Whitney, made a concerted effort to, during a 10-second sound bite, distinguish herself from her two competitors, (Damon Baldone, R-Houma and Craig Greene, R-Baton Rouge), by stating she is the only candidate who “did not vote for, support, or endorse Gov. John Bel Edwards”:


Whitney makes 10-second sound bite to make it clear she is the only candidate not voting for, supporting, or endorsing Louisiana Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards.  Neither of her two competitors, Damon Baldone nor Craig Greene, uttered a single word to challenge Whitney’s assertion.

PSC forum in its entirety.


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