Marvin Henderson’s son (and Edwards appointee): “Daddy possibly committed fraud by taking money that wasn’t authorized.”

Henderson Auctions founder Marvin Henderson.


In our latest Sound Off Louisiana feature, we continue to delve into the stunning revelations being uncovered in the depositions of Henderson Auctions v. BLH Equipment and James Blake Everett.


Recall from segment one that Janet Henderson Cagley, Marvin’s daughter, stated under oath, “Daddy doesn’t have $20 to buy milk.”


In segment two, we uncover Janet point-blank stating that, if her father, Henderson Auctions founder, Marvin Henderson, received $100,000 in secretive payment(s) that should have gone to Henderson Auctions, then he “defrauded Henderson Auctions.”  Jeff Henderson, an Auctioneer Licensing Board appointee of Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, meanwhile, partially concurs in indicating that Marvin “possibly committed fraud by taking money that wasn’t authorized.”:


Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns outlines damning testimony in the depositions of Jeff and Janet Henderson.

Supporting Documentation:

Jeff Henderson stating EMPHATICALLY that “Marvin Henderson has no authority to sign legal documents for Henderson Auctions.”

Jeff Henderson (concurring with his sister, Janet):  “Marvin Henderson possibly committed fraud by taking money that he wasn’t authorized.”

Janet Henderson states $100,000 was “stolen” from Henderson Auctions and acknowledges it may have been stolen by her own father.

Marvin Henderson’s prior mail fraud conviction.

Rank corruption of Livingston Parish DA Scott Perrilloux entailing Marvin Henderson’s grandson (Janet’s son) Cody Bowlin referenced in the video above.


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  1. Marvin Henderson may not have milk but it’s obvious he has dirt on hi up individuals in Livingston Parish.

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