Monroe dentist Richard Willis triple-dog dares Gov. Edwards to stand by his appointment of Jeet Patel, so we’ll find out if Edwards rises to a “10” on the wimp scale.

Dr. Jeet Patel, whom disgruntled Monroe dentist Richard Willis is seeking to block Louisiana Senate confirmation on after Gov. John Bel Edwards chose him over Willis and another dentist on January 18, 2019 for membeship on the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry.

Though it got about the fewest Facebook shares of any post we’ve ever published, our most recent post entailing Gov. Edwards’ Dental Board appointee Jeet Patel has touched some nerves.  Specifically, the dentist behind the bold effort to block Patel’s confirmation, Dr. Richard Willis, today (April 16, 2019) decided to triple-dog dare Edwards to intervene in the Senate confirmation process to support his Dental Board choice (Patel).  He did so in boldly disseminating the following letter:

As a refresher, let’s take a brief look at Patel introducing himself to his colleagues at the last Dental Board meeting (his first to attend on March 15, 2019):

Patel introduces himself to his colleagues on the LSBD on March 15, 2019.

Edwards would have to do very little to ensure his choice, Patel, is confirmed.  What little would he have to do?  Simple.  All he has to do is place a phone call to Sen. President John Alario and ask him to stop the resistance to Patel dead in its tracks.  Trust us, those four Senators aren’t going to buck a directive from John Alario!

We’re going to be blunt:  If Gov. Edwards refuses to intervene and permits Dr. Patel to endure the humiliation of having been nominated, selected (from three choices, one of whom can only be described as a sore loser in the person of Dr. Richard Willis), and even attend his first meeting of the Dental Board, then it’s not a simple question of Edwards consistently making a total mockery of his West Point Honor Code.  If he doesn’t intervene on Patel’s behalf and demonstrate he’s “got Patel’s back,” then one can only question if he is the soldier anyone would want beside him/her in the Foxhole taking on enemy fire.  So, Gov. Edwards, are you going to exhibit military leadership, or will you merely wilt like a daisy and let Patel be shot down by someone who served on the Dental Board during a period that can only be described as absolute mass corruption?

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