NoPennyRenewal website makes first official Louisiana Legislature endorsement: Challenger Keith Baudin for House District 46 over incumbent Mike Huval.

Keith Baudin, R-St. Martinville, who is running for Louisiana State Representative for District 46 against incumbent Mike Huval, R-Breaux Bridge.

Sound Off Louisiana subscribers may recall our feature from last week in which we touted the overhaul of one of our sister websites, No Penny Renewal, to assist challengers in their efforts to defeat incumbent Louisiana Legislators who voted in favor of Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ sales tax measures.

Today (Tuesday, January 29, 2019), we commence with making our first official endorsement of one such challenger:  Keith Baudin (R-St. Martinville).


Mr. Baudin is challenging incumbent State Representative Mike Huval (R-Breaux Bridge) for Louisiana House District 46.


The NoPennyRenewal website featured above now has a formal endorsement page for each individual candidate we endorse which features a brief interview with the challenger of an incumbent who supported Edwards’ tax increase measures.  Additionally, we provide a profile of the incumbent complete with direct links of that incumbent’s votes of “YES” on Gov. Edwards’ tax increase measures in order for viewers to confirm that the incumbent, Mike Huval in this instance, did in fact cast such votes.

We now replicate our first endorsement on the page, Keith Baudin in his efforts to defeat incumbent Mike Huval:

Official Endorsement:

House District # 46:  Keith Baudin

In his efforts to defeat incumbent Mike Huval, who is profiled below together with his votes in favor of Gov. Edwards’ tax hike measures:

Rep. Mike Huval, R-Breaux Bridge, District 46
Phone:  (337) 332-3331  [email protected]

HUVAL:  Voted YES on 5/25/18 (1/3 cent sales tax renewal) and YES on 5/28/18.


Stay tuned folks, we are expecting to make more endorsements in coming days and weeks to help ensure that Louisiana citizens are NOT subjected to more irresponsible tax increase measures after the conclusion of the 2019 election cycle has been completed!



Neither Robert Burns, Sound Off Louisiana, nor any affiliate of same received one red cent in compensation for any endorsements; furthermore, no expense associated with any travel to videotape a candidate for an interview is being paid by the candidate. 


Our endorsements are made SOLELY and EXCLUSIVELY based off our commitment to ensuring the Louisiana Legislature’s composition is NOT conducive to ANY more tax increases after the 2019 election cycle has concluded.

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