Retired 30-year LAPD Sgt. Randy Franklin slams Gov. Edwards’ handling of Greene arrest.

Compelling screen-shot taken from the body camera video of LSP Trooper Dakota DeMoss evidencing that Ronald Greene was almost assuredly dead 19 minutes after DeMoss and fellow Trooper Chris Hollingsworth arrived on the scene and prior to EMS crews escorting Greene to the hospital in an ambulance.

As we referenced in our previous feature, we were participating in a conference video regarding Ronald Greene’s arrest and would have published this feature long before now, but as we mentioned, we paused it to process the release of the LSP arrest videos, which was the subject of the just-linked feature.

We’re now prepared to publish this feature in which retired 30-year veteran LAPD Sergeant Randy Franklin provides insightful commentary (even before having the benefit to view the videos released late Friday by LSP).  As we mentioned, Franklin, as demonstrated by the previous link as well as this link, has a few battle scars to demonstrate his credibility.

Before providing the video of Franklin’s very intriguing commentary about Greene’s arrest, however, we want to provide the following very brief video clip which be believe buttresses our contention that Ronald Greene was almost assuredly dead 19 minutes after LSP Trooper Dakota DeMoss arrived on the scene and just prior to the EMS crew arriving at the scene.  Here’s the short video clip which, we believe, clearly evidences that fact and includes audio from Lt. Clary’s body camera wherein the fact Greene was dead is stated verbally (i.e. “He wasn’t breathing when they put him in the ambulance.”):

Brief video clip immediately before EMS crews arrive on the scene of Ronald Greene’s attempted arrest to include commentary after Greene is escorted away in the ambulance that he was, “like maybe 10-7 (police code for totally out of commission),” and that, “He was not breathing when they placed him in the ambulance.”

Also, during the panel discussion with Franklin, Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns was asked to provide a brief statement on Gov. Edwards’ extensive family history of law enforcement.  The following 10-second video clip (taken from the 2015 debate with then-U. S. Sen. David Vitter), is provided at this time, and is also included in the video of Franklin’s discussions.  We’re isolating this 10-second video clip simply because there is apparently a lack of knowledge of the extensive prevalence of Louisiana Sheriffs in Gov. Edwards’ family lineage.  Here’s the clip:

Then Louisiana State Rep. John Bel Edwards stresses his family lineage of Louisiana Sheriffs during a debate between himself and then-U. S. Sen. David Vitter for Governor in 2015.

We believe Franklin’s analysis of LSP’s encounter with Greene speaks for itself, so we’re going to present the video and make no commentary thereof because we see no need to add to or subtract from anything he states in the following video:

Retired 30-year LAPD Sgt. Randy Franklin assesses LSP’s interaction with Ronald Greene on the morning of May 10, 2019.  Click here for the Lincoln Parish Sheriff Call Sheet Report that Franklin references in the video.  Again, that report was compliments of fellow blogger Walter Abbott.

Franklin’s commentary came as part of a broader “special broadcast” by Louisiana United International.  We intentionally focused on Franklin’s commentary because of his expertise.  Nevertheless, anyone is welcome to click here to watch the broadcast in its entirety.

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