Sixty three members of the House of Representatives (including 22 Republicans) defy admonitions of Rep. Alan Seabaugh, Speaker Taylor Barras, House Clerk Alfred “Butch” Speer and vote in favor of HB-12, for which all three asserted had serious constitutionality issues.

Rep. Alan Seabaugh, as he questions the germaneness of HB-12, authored by Rep. Walt Leger, of the Second Special Session.

In our previous feature, we went to excruciating lengths to demonstrate that the Louisiana Senate, and most especially Sen. Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, failed to exercise even a modicum of bill scrutiny by not even questioning the constitutionality of HB-12 authored by Walt Leger in the most recent special session.


We singled Claitor out because, as explained in the preceding post, Sen. Claitor actually litigated a previous Act of the Legislature when it became readily apparent it was unconstitutional based upon an amendment’s germaneness and the bill having multiple objects.


Since Sen. Claitor has such past experience, one would have thought he would have severe reservations about HB-12.  Apparently, he did not.


We also singled Claitor out because, days prior to him opting to file litigation in 2014 over the constitutionality of the “Edmonson Amendment,” and months before the late C. B. Forgotson convinced Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns to form a video blog, C. B. also strongly urged Burns to conduct a one-on-one interview with Claitor about the Edmonson Amendment.  Burns did so, and Sen. Claitor didn’t mince words entailing the problematic nature of the amendment.  Despite all this presumed knowledge on Claitor’s part, his name appears prominently among the 32 Louisiana Senators supporting the measure.


Rep. Seabaugh has now gone to great lengths to explain his actions of Monday night.  Being blunt, his commentary ought to be required reading for all students in Louisiana high school and college history classes, high school civics classes, and most certainly college political science classes!


With that in mind, we believe it’s time to highlight all 63 members of the Louisiana House of Representatives who chose to openly defy Rep. Seabaugh’s admonitions about constitutionality, the reinforcement thereof by Louisiana House Speaker Taylor Barras, and (by inference) the legal opinion of Louisiana House Clerk Alfred “Butch” Speer (who most assuredly gave Speaker Barras the guidance of how to handle Seabaugh’s question).


Before we do that, however, let’s provide what may likely be the shortest video of any Sound Off Louisiana post and show our subscribers a brief clip of Seabaugh’s challenging the germaneness of the bill and House Speaker Taylor Barras’ commentary thereafter:



Seabaugh poses question of germaneness of Louisiana Senate amendments to HB-12 and Speaker Barras provides an answer.


Now, we are about to itemize off the 63 members of the House of Representatives who openly defied the guidance depicted in the video above and voted in favor of HB-12; however, let’s make one point first.


Not content with one bite at the apple entailing a bill that would almost assuredly be judged unconstitutional in the courts, as the clock literally was ready to expire on the entire session Monday night, a motion was made to reconsider the measure.  Who made it?  Well, that would be Rep. Julie Stokes, whose quest for becoming Louisiana’s next Secretary of State now appears to be a complete joke.


Why do we say that?  Well, the bill would have needed to pick up seven more votes to pass.  Clearly, Stokes, whose name ironically won’t appear itemized below because she requested that her vote be officially changed from “yes” to “no” for the sole purpose of becoming a member of the prevailing side (thus enabling her to have the ability to request reconsideration), would have been one of those seven, thus making the deficit only six (as it actually was mere seconds after the vote and before Stokes requested the vote change entailing her own vote).


However, for Stokes to openly taunt Seabaugh in the manner we are about to present in the following brief video clip as if it were a pickup basketball game and she’s yelling and pointing “it’s on you, buddy” as if to be calling Seabaugh for a personal foul in the basketball game, is simply beyond the pale!


Stokes’ act of taunting someone trying to save Louisiana from needless litigation over a bill with clear constitutional challenges, at least in our minds, makes her abjectly unqualified to serve as our next Louisiana Secretary of State.  Here’s Stokes’ performance for those who may perhaps be more forgiving of it than us:



Rep. Julie Stokes’ open taunting of Rep. Alan Seabaugh.


All right folks. We now shamefully present to you the 63 members of the House of Representatives who voted in favor of HB-12 on its initial vote prior to the second video clip above:


CLICK HERE to ascertain whom your Louisiana State Representative and Louisiana Senator are if you’re not sure.  All you have to do is supply the brief requested information.  Thereafter, you can request your polling location and also whom your elected officials are.  When the list comes up, simply observe your Louisiana State Representative and your Louisiana Senator.  Then all you have to do is see if that Representative or that Senator’s name and photo appear below as having voted to blatantly ignore Louisiana’s Constitution and cast a vote in support of Rep. Walt Leger’s bill as hijacked and made unconstitutional by Sen. J. P. Morrell:  



(Red = Representative is term-limited and cannot run for re-election in 2019).



Rep. Mark Abraham, R-Lake Charles,
District 36
Phone:  (337) 475-3016  

Declared a member of AFP’s taker’s dozen.



Rep. John Anders, D-Vidalia
District 21
Phone:  (318) 336-5865



Rep. James Arms, III, D-Leesville
District 30
Phone:  (337) 238-7004


Rep. Larry Bagley, R-Stonewall
District 7
Phone:  (318)925-9588



Rep. John Bagneris, D-New Orleans
District 100
Phone:  (504) 243-7783 



Rep. Robert Billot, D-Westwego
District 83
Phone:  (504) 436-8929



Rep. Joseph Bouie, Jr., D-New Orleans
District 97
Phone:  (504) 285-1033 



Rep. Ken Brass, D-Vacherie
District 58
Phone:  (225) 265-9005 



Rep. Chad Brown, D-Plaquemine
District 60
Phone:  (225) 687-2410 



Rep. Terry Brown, I-Colfax
District 22
Phone:  (855) 261-6566 


Rep. Thomas Carmody, R-Shreveport
District 6
Phone:  (318) 862-9956 


Rep. Barbara Carpenter D-Baton Rouge
District 63
Phone:  (225) 771-5674 


Rep. Gary Carter D-New Orleans
District 102
Phone:  (504) 361-6600 


Rep. Robby Carter, D-Amite
District 72
Phone:  (985)748-2245 



Rep. Steve Carter, R-Baton Rouge
District 68
Phone:  (225)362-5305 



Rep. Charles Chaney, R-Rayville
District 19
Phone:  (318)728-5875


Rep. Patrick Connick, R-Marrero
District 84
Phone:  (504)371-0240 



Rep. Kenny Cox, D-Natchitoches
District 23
Phone:  (855) 844-8583 


Rep. Greg Cromer, R-Slidell
District 90
Phone:  (985) 645-3592 


Rep. Royce Duplesis D-New Orleans
District 93
Phone:  (504) 568-2740 



Rep. Franklin Foil, R-Baton Rouge
District 70
Phone:  (225) 342-6777


Rep. A. B. Franklin D-Lake Charles
District 34
Phone:  (337) 491-2320 


Rep. Randal Gaines, D-LaPlace
District 57
Phone:  (985) 652-1228 


Rep. Jerry Gisclair, D-LaRose
District 54
Phone:  (985)798-7707



Rep. John E. “Johnny” Guinn, R-Jennings
District 37
Phone:  (337) 824-0376



Rep. Jeffrey Hall, D-Alexandria
District 26
Phone:  (318) 487-5661 


Rep. Jimmy Harris, D-New Orleans
District 99
Phone:  (504) 243-1960 



Rep. Kenny Havard, R-Jackson
District 62
Phone:  (225) 634-7470 



Rep. Lowell “Chirs” Hazel, R-Pineville
District 27
Phone:  (318)767-6082


Rep. Stephanie Hilferty, R-Metairie
District 94
Phone:  (504) 885-4154


Rep. Dorothy Hill, D-Dry Creek
District 32
Phone:  (800)259-2118 



Rep. Frank Hoffmann, R-West Monore
District 15
Phone:  (318)362-4130



Rep. Frank Howard, R-Many
District 24
Phone:  (318) 256-4135 



Rep. Marcus Hunter, D-Monroe
District 17
Phone:  (318) 362-3440 


Rep. Katrina Jackson, D-Monroe
District 16
Phone:  (318) 343-2877 



Rep. Ted James, D-Baton Rouge
District 101
Phone:  (225) 343-3633 


Rep. Patrick Jefferson D-Homer
District 11
Phone:  (318) 927-2519 



Rep. Sam Jenkins, D-Shreveport
District 2
Phone:  (318) 632-5970 


Rep. Robert Johnson, D-Marksville
District 28
Phone:  (318) 253-8891 


Rep. Sam Jones, D-Franklin
District 50
Phone:  (337) 828-7778


Rep. Edmond Jordan, D-Baton Rouge
District 29
Phone:  (225) 359-9480 


Rep. Terry Landry, Sr., D-New Iberia
District 96
Phone:  (337) 373-9380 


Rep. H. Bernard LeBas, D-Ville Platte
District 38
Phone:  (337)363-0152


Rep. Walt Leger, III D-New Orleans
District 91
Phone:  (504) 556-9970 


Rep. Christopher Leopold, R-Belle Chase
District 105
Phone:  (504)393-5649 



Rep. Rodney Lyons, D-Harvey
District 87
Phone:  (504) 510-5417 



Rep. Tanner Magee, R-Houma
District 53
Phone:  (985) 858-2970 


Rep. Denise Marcelle, D-Baton Rouge
District 61
Phone:  (225) 359-9362 



Rep. Joseph Marino, I-Gretna
District 85
Phone:  (504) 361-6013 



Rep. Jack McFarland, R-Jonesboro
District 13
Phone:  (318) 259-4275


Rep. Dustin Miller D-Opelousas
District 40
Phone:  (337) 943-2900 



Rep. Barbara Norton, D-Shreveport
District 26
Phone:  (318) 632-5887 


Rep. Vincent Pierre D-Lafayette
District 44
Phone:  (337) 262-2330 



Rep. J. Rogers Pope, R-Denham Springs
District 71
Phone:  (225) 667-3588 



Rep. Steve Pylant, R-Winnsboro
District 26
Phone:  (318) 435-7313 



Rep. Eugene Reynolds, D-Minden
District 10
Phone: (318)371-3092



Rep. Jerome “Dee” Richard, I-Thibodaux
District 55
Phone:  (985) 447-0999 


Rep. Robert Shadoin, R-Ruston
District 12
Phone:  (318) 251-5038 

Declared a member of AFP’s taker’s dozen.



Rep. Patricia Smith D-Baton Rouge
District 67
Phone:  (225) 342-7106 


Rep. Joseph Stagni, R-Kenner
District 92
Phone:  (504) 465-3479




Rep. Major Thibaut, D-New Roads
District 18
Phone:  (225) 638-3811 


Rep. Malinda White, D-Bogalusa
District 75
Phone:  (985) 730-2147 


Rep. Jerome Zeringue, R-Houma
District 52
Phone:  (985) 876-8823 

Final tally by party affiliation:

Democrat       38
Independent   3
Republican    22

TOTAL        63 (there were 41 “no” votes)

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