U. S. Congressman Cedric Richmond slams local bloggers as disseminating “misinformation,” then declines to provide a single specific example.


U. S. Congressman Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans


At the meeting of the Baton Rouge Press Club of Monday, October 31, 2016, U. S. Congressman Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, obviously feeling he was in an environment comprised solely of “mainstream media” sources, took an opportunity to authoritatively slam local bloggers.  Thereafter, when provided an opportunity by Sound Off Louisiana’s Robert Burns for him to cite examples by any Baton Rouge area blogger of the “misinformation” Richmond claims is disseminated, Richmond declined.

Burns also asked Richmond to respond to the video by a resourceful internet blogger-reporter, James O’Keefe, who captured ON VIDEO Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC coordinator, Scott Foval, saying on camera:  “It doesn’t matter what the friggin legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker.”

Richmond slams bloggers and is provided an opportunity to cite examples, which he declined.  Thereafter, he is provided an opportunity to comment on the comment by Foval above.

Both candidates for U. S. Congress for the Second District of Louisiana (Kip Holden
of Baton Rouge and Cedric Richmond of New Orleans) respond to a question by Sound Off Louisiana‘s
Robert Burns entailing whether either one of their supports for Hillary Clinton would waver
if more classified emails were revealed to exist on unauthorized computer equipment.

Both candidates respond to a question of why EBRP voters should support Clinton, who declined to visit Louisiana after massive flooding in August, rather than Donald Trump, who visited soon after the flood waters receded.

Both candidates respond to a question of whom they will vote for in the Presidential race
and their assessments of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as nominees of the Democratic
and Republican parties, respectively.

U. S. Congressman Cedric Richmond responds to individual reporters’ questions after
the Press Club meeting had concluded (spending much of the time to slam his opponent, Kip Holden, Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish).

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