JBE’s appointees, guided by convicted felon (and JBE crony) Larry S. Bankston, say “hands tied” entailing illegal notary acts by convicted felon auctioneer Marvin Henderson.

LA Gov. John Bel “Doormat Honor Code” Edwards
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Remember Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ bold claim repeated ad nauseam during last year’s Louisiana gubernatorial campaign that, “I do not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do?”  At this point, that campaign slogan has become utterly laughable as the JBEfraud tracking website clearly demonstrates in only 10 months in office!

The latest example of Edwards’ seemingly-infinite tolerance for lying entails his auction board appointee Jeff Henderson, who has, for years, ignored the fact that his father, convicted felon Marvin Henderson, has illegally represented himself as a Louisiana notary when he was under an obligation to surrender his Louisiana notary seal upon his felony conviction in 1988.  Let’s take a look at Louisiana Governor John Bel “Doormat Honor Code’s” cronies on the Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB) addressing Marvin and Jeff’s activities at the November 7, 2016 LALB meeting, shall we?

LALB discusses acts of Marvin Henderson illegally
representing himself as a Louisiana Notary.

Supporting Documentation:

1. Screen-shot of Louisiana Secretary of State website listing of Marvin Henderson as a valid Louisiana notary.  Note:  Henderson’s listing remains on the Secretary of State’s website and will not be removed until a court judgment commanding its removal is received by the Secretary of State’s Office.

2.  Marvin Henderson’s felony conviction for mail fraud in his auction business, which makes him ineligible to serve as a Louisiana notary.

3. Complaint filed with Louisiana Secretary of State entailing Henderson’s illegal activities of representing himself as a notary.

4. Louisiana Secretary of State’s acknowledgement of complaint, noting that it’s being referred to Livingston Parish District Attorney Scott Perrilloux, along with a not-so-subtle encouragement to submit the material to any other law enforcement agency.  That encouragement was likely the result of past indifference on the part of DA Perrilloux even when it entailed illegal notary acts by someone in his own office!

5.  Considering the polite little “hint” from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office, this letter to Attorney General Jeff Landry was submitted (and copied to the FBI) on August 8, 2016.

6.  Conveyance of Evangeline Downs property in Lafayette for $11 million for which Henderson illegally notarized the conveyance.

7. Letter to Keith Stutes, Lafayette Parish DA recommending that he refer the matter to Jeff Landry’s Office for prosecution of the injury to public records from the illegal notary act recorded into Lafayette Parish.

8. DA Stutes’ own letter to AG Jeff Landry concurring that the matter be investigated and prosecuted.

LALB discusses board member Jeff Henderson’s tacit approval of his father having
illegally notarized conveyance documents.

Sound Off Louisiana also recently revealed that LALB Member Jeff Henderson was routinely permitting Texas Auctioneer Amy Assister to call auctions at Henderson Auctions with no Louisiana auction license.  “Doormat” Edwards’ cronies on the LALB worded the consent agreement on those infractions in a tip-toe-around-the-roses fashion to say that Jeff Henderson’s action (they allowed him to stipulate to it happening only one time) was “unintentional” and “a one-time incident.”

In reality, at the November 10, 2015 LALB meeting, as evidenced beginning at the 1:50 mark of this video, Jeff Henderson sought to make the practice of permitting out-of-state auctioneers routinely conducting auctions in Louisiana legal.  He did this because reports were rampant that Mr. Henderson had, on at least three occasions in 2015 prior to that November 10, 2015 LALB meeting, permitted out-of-state auctioneers to conduct auctions at Henderson Auctions without obtaining Louisiana auction licenses beforehand.  Note that, even ignoring the repeated instances in 2015 in which the crony LALB members bent over backwards to state in the consent agreement didn’t happen, they also said Henderson “didn’t know.”

The instance with Amy Assister was January 28, 2016 which was AFTER that November 10, 2015 meeting at which Henderson tried (but failed) to pass an agenda item to make his practice of routinely permitting out-of-state auctioneers to call auctions with no license legal.  Hence, he most certainly knew what he was doing!  The bottom line is he sought a mechanism to circumvent the licensing law for his out-of-state buddies and, when that failed, he just did it anyway.  In so doing, he blatantly violated his oath of office and his duty to the law-abiding auctioneers of Louisiana.  Of course, Gov. John Bel “Doormat Honor Code” Edwards merely gives a wink and a nod to such violations of Henderson’s oath of office because HE LIED to voters in last year’s campaign entailing his “honor code” crap.

So, we have Louisiana Gov. John Bel “Doormat Honor Code” Edwards making a further mockery of his pledge to Louisiana voters that he doesn’t “lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do” as evidenced by his Henderson appointment to the LALB and the fact he had to be shamed into seeking the resignation of an appointment to the Louisiana Tax Commission as a result of him not paying property taxes for over 30 years!


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