U. S. Sen. Cassidy deflects on defending his $500 billion bailout to “emotional issue” of “the thin blue line” of impending Shreveport police officer layoffs.

U. S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-LA, who has proposed a $500 billion bailout of state and local governmental operations as a result of the Corona virus.

Subscribers may recall we provided an advanced touting (see near bottom of feature just linked) of U. S. Sen. Bill Cassidy’s appearance on today’s (May 14, 2020) Moon Griffon show wherein Griffon made it abundantly clear that he would be hammering Cassidy on his proposed $500 billion bailout of state and local governments.

True to his word, Moon fired off an opening shot across the bow in asking Cassidy to defend his initiative (and his pairing with the “liberal lunatic from New Jersey”), and Cassidy immediately countered Griffon’s question by deflecting to prop up arguably the most financially-mismanaged local government in the entire state of Louisiana:  Shreveport.

Cassidy openly pondered that anyone opposing his measure isn’t supportive of the “thin blue line,” and referenced $3 million in a proposed budget cut to Shreveport’s police department and proposed layoffs of Shreveport police officers as a result of that proposed cut.  Cassidy also said that $3 million cut to Shreveport’s police department was part of a larger $20 million proposed cut to Shreveport’s operational budget.

Cassidy got testy with Griffon long before Griffon was done with the interview.  He voiced frustration to Griffon that, “I wish you’d take my comments..it’s really hard to get a word in here.”  Cassidy stated that frustration once Griffon said that he (Griffon) was “taking hits” on his record of support for Cassidy to include having voted for him.  Cassidy then denied that he was “running to the emotional” and instead was “running to the practical.”  Let’s listen to this fascinating exchange between Griffon and Cassidy in its entirety:

Cassidy and Griffon exchange firepower over Cassidy’s $500 billion bailout initiative for state and local governments.

Immediately after Cassidy’s appearance, the Interim Executive Director of Americans for Prosperity’s Louisiana Chapter (who also serves as its Director of Grassroots Operations), James Lee, (former Executive Director of AFP – Louisiana, John Kay, joined The Pelican Institute about a month ago) appeared on Griffon’s show.  Lee emphasized the fact that, while he was happy to hear Cassidy opposes House Speaker Pelosi’s $3 trillion proposal for more Federal Government stimulus, he stressed that, “I don’t want the $500 billion bailout either.”

Lee indicated that opposition to Cassidy’s measure is quite extensive, and he reinforced his contention by referencing AFP’s website, RejectBailouts.com, and the fact that the response has been, “unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”  Also, as we published last week, a hastily-called AFP nationwide town hall upon Cassidy rolling out this initiative one week ago today, attracted an army of 25,000 of AFP’s volunteers to attend in order to mobilize in opposition to Cassidy’s measure.

Lee emphasized that measures such as Cassidy has proposed simply enable state and local governments to continue on paths of financial mismanagement that they’ve deployed for years.  Let’s present the entire exchange between Griffon and Lee:

Griffon and Lee banter following Cassidy’s appearance.

It will be interesting to see how Cassidy’s measure fares because, as stated above by Griffon and Lee, we can testify first-hand that we know of an absolute plethora of Louisiana citizens who are angered mightily at Cassidy’s $500 billion bailout proposal just as Griffon emphasized to Cassidy.

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