We’re issuing better clarity on retired LSP Lt. Leon “Bucky” Millet’s emphatic statement that he has the “smoking gun” on Edwards regarding Ronald Greene’s arrest.

Former Louisiana State Police Chief of Staff Mike Noel, who was in charge of the Greene arrest from May 10, 2019 through his leaving LSP in June of 2020 (13 months) to become Gov. Edwards’ hand-picked Chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board.

Our most recent feature  is being viewed by more folk than any post we’ve made in the recent past, and we are thankful for that very high level of interest.

That fact notwithstanding, both retired LSP Lt. Leon “Bucky” Millet and Sound Off Louisiana founder Robert Burns have gotten feedback from individuals indicating that they just don’t see any “smoking gun” as Millet contends is so evident.

As a result, we modified the contents of the points Millet brought out at the end of the feature which drive home Millet’s point of what he contends is Gov. Edwards’ obvious complicity in the mass LSP cover-up of Greene’s arrest.  We also want to once again stress to our subscribers the fact that it is the LSP Chief of Staff (who was Lt. Col. Mike Noel for a full 13 months after Greene’s attempted arrest leading to his in-custody death) who IS the de facto LSP Colonel!  Bearing that in mind, we want to now reproduce that amended itemization and draw attention to it via this separate feature in the hope that it will make it crystal clear exactly what Millet is contending (to which, for the record, we wholeheartedly concur):

Millet contends that Edwards cannot claim that he was not complicit in the Greene cover-up given that:

    1.  He, by his own admission, obtained knowledge of the true circumstances of Greene’s arrest on or about September 10, 2020;
    2. That he also knew (or certainly should have known) that former LTC Noel’s phone was sanitized with such knowledge being obtained by Edwards on or around January 6, 2021;
    4. Instead of insisting on Noel’s immediate resignation on September 10, 2020 the SECOND Edwards learned of the false narrative (even though that would have been only three months after Noel’s appointment to the Gaming Commission), Edwards not only permitted Noel to remain as his Gaming Commission Chairman for a FULL 271 days after learning of the false narrative, but he FULLY INTENDED to permit Noel to be confirmed by the Louisiana Senate to continue serving indefinitely NOTWITHSTANDING Edwards’ knowledge of that false narrative (that was nothing short of an obvious cover-up by LSP and its upper brass — to MOST CERTAINLY include Noel — which should be recognized as such by ANYONE with seven functioning brain cells, and we can assure everyone that Edwards has far, far more functioning brain cells than seven and we’ll stipulate to him being pretty darn bright!);
    5. The confirmation was aborted ONLY because the whole Greene matter (particularly the sanitized phone aspect) literally blew up in Edwards’ face within 12 hours of the scheduled hearing to confirm Noel (which was 271 days AFTER Edwards KNEW of the false narrative and obvious cover-up by LSP), most especially as one key Louisiana State Senator obtained unquestionable proof that Noel’s phone was sanitized!

Millet contends that it was only then (at the 11th hour and 59th minute) that Edwards and Noel LITERALLY HAD NO CHOICE but to jointly state that Noel had suddenly opted to simply retire.  Why?  Because questions posed by senators about Noel’s knowledge of and any participation in any Greene cover-up would have killed Noel’s confirmation dead in its tracks.  More importantly, those questions would have readily exposed before the whole world that Edwards had been complicit in the cover-up for a MINIMUM of 271 days (and that’s taking him at his word that he learned nothing of the false LSP narrative until September 10, 2020).

We also can’t help but wonder just what the content of any conversation between Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards and Louisiana State Sen. Greg Tarver (D-Shreveport) at Tarver’s apartment near the State Capitol may have been on the evening of Tuesday, June 8, 2021 right around 9:30 p.m.

We sincerely hope that the above revision makes clear what Millet meant by having the “smoking gun” entailing Gov. Edwards, and we apologize to any and all subscribers and site visitors for the fact that Millet’s claim was obviously not readily ascertainable by some of our subscribers.  Furthermore, we want to express sincere appreciation to the candid feedback that those subscribers were willing to provide either to Millet or us.

Finally, we need to reveal the fact that we inadvertently misspelled Sen. Tarver’s name in our original feature as “Carver.”  We sincerely apologize for that error.

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One thought on “We’re issuing better clarity on retired LSP Lt. Leon “Bucky” Millet’s emphatic statement that he has the “smoking gun” on Edwards regarding Ronald Greene’s arrest.”

  1. Bucky, Thank you very much! For the “Hot Smoking Gun” regarding Edwards’s involvement in the illegal activity, bad behavioral and wrongdoing in the matter of Ronald Greene. (God rest his soul, God Bless Mr. Greene family). Edwards should have known better, what will Edwards say at the prayer breakfast? Will he do his own soul searching by tell the truth, stepping down and resign from being the governor of Louisiana for blatant betrayal of the public trust. Or “will he lie to cover up a lie” to cover up another lie.



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